PowerBook G4 crashes when cold!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Will Cheyney, Mar 18, 2006.

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    Will Cheyney

    OK, now this is a weird problem.
    My friends 1Ghz PowerBook G4 crashes when the machine is cold!
    Once is has heated up (~40 degrees celcius), it works pretty much faultlessly!

    Can anyone suggest what may be causing this problem, and whether or not there are any fixes?

    Thanks guys.
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    call Apple up if you are still under warranty or have AppleCare.
    or bring your machine in an Apple Store and have them look at it.
    my 1.5 G4 PowerBook can operate around 30 degrees F with no problem.

    P.S. 40 degrees celcius is quite hot. are you sure?
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    You could use folding to keep it warm....That is strange. I would check with apple on that one.
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    To whoever said it, 40c is NOT hot. 40c is a little low for standard operating temperature. 45c I'd say is normal - although I am constantly around 47-48 because of playing music.
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    For example I know some AMD CPUs melt down at 80 C. So 40 is a cool temp. I have seen lower on modded cases though(30)For example I know some AMD CPUs melt down at 80 C. So 40 is a cool temp. I have seen lower on mod cases though(30)
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    Was the repition an accident or am I just missing something? :confused:

    Oh, and yes, I do agree that 40 C is definitely NOT hot.... thats a very cool temp for a Mac operating.... well of course after its been being used.
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    my 1.5 GHz powerbook is running at 60ºC just while using safari and ichat. rare to be too much cooler than that on minimal operating.

    BTW, at what temp should i worry about my powerbook?
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    What does all this mean?! What does all this mean?!

    Fahrenheit people! Fahrenheit!

    Just kidding... its really not that big of a deal ever since Tiger came out and its unit converter widget! :D
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    I believe the dangerous temp for celcius is 75 C. Wow, your PB is very hot for just those apps running... Whats your processor performace?

    On my iBook, the hottest it gets with apps open on automatic processor performance is about 123 F.
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    it is set to highest performance. i don't really worry. it has gotten this hot since day 1 and never been over 151ºF (66.111), and that was with moderate video editing. It ranges between 135 and 145 (57.222 and 62.778).
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    OK, but I recommend it be on automatic performance because it can give you the power when you need it but also keep your PB cool and use less power when it can "rest". But if you're always in need of a lot of power... then keep it on highest. It'll obviously be fine. :)
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    What is VShieldCheck? It always seem to fill up the CPU from where ever it would be without it to 100%. It is owned by root. Is it OK to force quit this? What does it do?
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    I would really recommend automatic too; it gives higher when you need it and lower when you don't.

    Remember - high temperatures cause components to fail (especially harddrives).
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    That is not a familiar process to me, I'd check out google about it and see what you can find. You computer shouldn't constantly be at 100%.

    Of course, I'm relatively new to mac's, so don't listen to me :).
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    My PowerBook gets upto 60 degrees - Is this too hot?
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    After force quitting VShieldCheck and setting processor performance to Automatic for 45 minutes i am running at 125ºF (51.667ºC) and cooling:) .

    try doing what i did, set performance to auto and wait. what kind of powerbook do you have? what apps are running? I am assuming that's ºC which is 140ºF.
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    ok, i am sorry.
    seems i did not make myself clear, and many people are confused by my post.
    i meant, "40 degrees C are quite hot" as in "are you sure your PowerBook can't operate in tempature lower than that?", not as in "it's so hot your PowerBook should melt at that point. why is it not?"


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