Powerbook G4, Leopard and CS3

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by latyrx7, Jan 16, 2008.

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    Hello, I'm new here (Hence the 1 post) and I don't know much about MACs.

    Don't even know if this question belongs in this forum so please forgive me if it doesn't....

    But I have a question; I have a Powerbook G4 and I'm wondering, can I run Leopard and/or CS3 on it?:confused:
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    I run CS3 on a powerbook 1,67 ghz with 1,5 gig of ram. My system is 10.4.11. It works but it's not very speedy. All depends on teh size of the files you are using and the filters you want to use. I understand there are some compatibility issues between CS3 and leopard.
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    So if I was to up the Ram, say add on 1.5 more gigs, how well would it work then?
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    Depends on what PB you have. If you have the same model as teleromeo then he already said it runs slow.
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    I run Leopard and CS3 on a 1.5ghz PB G4 w/ 2gb ram and 128 video memory.

    It's not the quickest setup, and i've even thought about reverting to Tiger, but I like a lot of Leopard's features too much to do that right at this moment.

    The only problem i've run into is with Adobe PDF Printer not working if you choose File > Print and choose adobe PDF 8.0 as your printer...but there's lots of ways around that to make a PDF.

    It does work. You can get work done. This is my primary computer and I am a graphic designer.

    Def. max out the ram though...You will need to buy 2x 1gb chips.

    There's a link to a reliable source for good mac memory.
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    It all depends on what model the OP has. As my 12" PB will not take 2GB of ram the max is 1.25

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