Powerbook G4 powercord warranty, a joke!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by spaceMonkey23, Feb 13, 2006.

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    I'm having issues with my Powerbook not charging. Every 15 minutes or so, it will stop charging and start running off its own power. When I unplug it and let the power adaptor unit sit for a while and replug it again, it'll start charging again for another 15 minutes or so. It does this regularly, but it's been fine for the past 2 months. I took the power adapter unit in and tested it and found that the poweradaptor is defective.
    I hate to say it but APPLE SUCKS.Today i called and try to get a replacement for my newly bought power adaptor unit of which i bought only 2 months ago. But for some strange reason the APPle company assumed that my newly bought power adaptor unit wasn't under warrenty even though it is clearly stated on the manuel that its got 1 YEAR WARRANTY(this is an Apple made power adaptor unit by the way)I clearly told the four people that I purchased the power adaptor less then 3 months ago but they still insist that i bring it back to the place i got it from(CompUSA)and get them to replace it. But of course the replacement warrently at Compusa was up, and i wasn't able to do anything about it. i called Apple back and told them about the situation and they still gave me the same BS. .....i called again and this time someone else from APPle told me that the 90 day warrenty was up, at this point i dont' know whats that person was talking about, I never did get my power adaptor unit replaced, but the manager at compusa was nice enough to let me return the power adaptor after the return policy time period was up. All i had to do was purchased the 2 year replacement warrenty and it will be worth every penny. Now i dont have to deal with Apple's Bull*****.
    Hopefully on one has to go though what i did, Apple will never get a penny out of me again.
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    So...you bought an accessory, which developed a defect, but you waited until after the accessory's warranty period elapsed before you tried to replace it.

    And now you want the system vendor to replace the accessory under the system's warranty?
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    sorry, miss spell

    heh, sorry, my english isn't the greatest. i just revised my post.
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    I couldn't quite grasp 100% of that post, but if the man is sticking it to you, stick it to the man. Go to Compusa, buy a powercord, and return it the next day. You figure out the magic part, so I don't get banned.
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    i tried, but didn't work

    unfortunately the receipt has the serial # on it, if it doens't match then they won't take it back, thanks anyway.
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    Wait a second. I'm confused. you say power cord. A PowerBook power adapter consists of three parts (1) the adapter itself with the powerbook connection cord, (2) the 'duckhead' plug attachment, and/or (3) duckhead/plug extension cord. Which one as defective? I used to work at an Apple service center, and IIRC, the only part that were replacable under warranty as the adapter itself, not the duckhead OR the extension cord. Which part are you referring to?
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    damn, i really need to take more english class

    sorry, I'm refering to the entire power adaptor unit. The tech at CompUSA did a test on it and found that it was not putting out proper power. It was suppose to output 24.5 v but then it was only putting out 21 v.
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    Hmm. What happened to the original power adapter you got when you bought the PowerBook? You state "newly purchased" power adapter so I'm assuming that such is a second adapter. I'm sorry, call me dumb, but I still don't understand the full scope of your issue.

    and gammamonk, the bait and switch routine might work, BUT there are serial numbers on the adapters that retailers and service centers can check against Apple's online 'GSX' dealer support system and find out when it was purchased and what (if any) hardware it was sold with. Such a plan may have 'im going down in flames (of embarrassment) at the customer service desk.
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    this power adaptor was purchased to replace my old one which died a while back, Basically I am saying that Apple is refusing to replace an item that is still under warranty.
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    simply put, when you buy a brand new item that claims to be under warranty, and if something is wrong with it after stating that it comes with a one year warranty....thats what is confusing me because the company is saying that it isn't under warranty. so tell me, am i wrong in this matter?
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    Ok. Now I get it. (Sorry, it's 1AM and I'm dozing off here). Apple is in the wrong. Totally. If you purchased the adapter as a separate purchase less than 364 days ago it should be covered under Apple warranty. Although you DID get it replaced, take note that serial numbers on these things can be a great bargaining chip. If you remove the duckhead and look, you'll see the serial number as a pasted-on grey decal. Did you recite this number to thhe Apple depot rep when you were on the phone? If so, it should have helped your situation [unless the rep(s) you spoke with were retarded] in getting a replacement. If not, then you know what to do next time. I gotta admit that power supplies for mac portables are a pain (to use, AND to service). I used to handle replacements where I used to work, Apple has all kind of stupid policies on replacement.

    Hey, at least you weren't screwed out of nearly a grand for a TiBook LCD/hinge replacement. Apple JUST adjusted their Tier replacement prices to 'almost affordable' levels. You've never seen a person's face turn red until you verbally quote them a price for THAT.
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    heh, thanks man.

    yah, i think the four poeple i talked are qualify to be called retards. i clearly told them that i bought it less then 3 months ago and gave them the serial # from the power adaptor. oh well, guess they lost one customer.
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    No apple store closeby?

    this is why, alot of people will hate bestbuy on this forum, and i agree they are kinda twisted people, but i purchased a comp from there once with the service plan, had to get things done and they did it, no hassle, replaced the Hardrive, samething with a dvd changer, samething with my minidisc player, etc...

    I'm still going to get applecare for my pb, but idk, apple has this great rep for customer service, but i see other places i think do a much better job.. o well!

    as long as you got the new powercord, nice guys at compusa, sorry about the hassle tho man.. :eek:

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