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Powerbook G4 Ram upgrade

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by mrderisory, Apr 18, 2008.

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    I finally after dealing with 256 mb for ever decided to up a gig. I ordered a gig from free4memory.com

    I used a guide to install the ram... seemed to do it right.

    Upon turning my computer back on I don't notice a difference at all in performance and system profiler and about this mac are only recognizing me as having 256 mb ram....

    Is there something you have to do once turning the computer back to tell the computer to recognize the new ram? help me. :confused:
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    sounds like either incompatible/broken RAM or your RAM slot is blown. once you restart with the RAM in, it should immediately be recognized.

    try reseating it, other than that, contact the supplier and try to get another.

    what are the PowerBook specs and what type of RAM did you purchase?
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    It was the ram slot.

    I was thinking they sold me some shoddy ram, then i found a post on some forum were it is a known *thing* that the Powerbook G4 1 gig 15 Aluminum had a defective ram slot....

    Well I tried popping out the apple 256 and put the gig in the lower and it worked. But instead of having... 1.256 gig I can only use one.... :'(
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    I think the recall is still in effect.

    check the Apple support pages

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