Powerbook G4 startup problems

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by tallon53, Apr 8, 2007.

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    Hey all,
    When i turn on my G4 i get past the grey apple screen,then when it gets to the startup screen(blue background with the white box with Mac OS X written and the progress meter bar below), the meter bar fills up slowly then when full, it just stays on that screen with the meter still full(with the usual flowing blue bar style).

    If anyone could help me out with tips or a solution that would be awesome!
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    So you can't even get it to fully boot at all?
    Did you toss your install disc in to see if you can get it to boot that way?

    In another thread mad jew said this, " Try starting it up in Safe Mode by holding SHIFT at the chime. Also, try booting from the OSX discs and use Disk Utility to verify or repair the drive. Do you have any peripherals plugged in? What changes did you make to the system before this started?"
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    mad jew

    If it's struggling to get to the login window, then definitely start up in Safe Mode as jessica. says. Do you have any peripherals plugged in?
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    I dont have any peripherals plugged in. Ive try starting by holdng shift at the chime and this just causes it to stay in the grey screen with the apple symbol and the wheel meter going round and round.
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    mad jew

    So can you boot from the OSX discs then? :)
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    Im on holidays and my discs are at home so i cant try them for two weeks(which is really annoying)- if i was to go into a computer repair store, can i use any osx discs or do i need the specific discs which came with the my computer.
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    Ahh, always have a copy with you..
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    mad jew

    You can use discs from either a similar machine or the retail version of OSX. It won't let you boot from a disc that's older than the machine. Maybe ask if you can borrow a retail version of Tiger from them to see if it'll boot. Also, try running fsck from Single User Mode. :)

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