Powerbook G4 turns off when AC Adapter removed

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by esspee1200, Feb 19, 2010.

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    basically, my battery is 100% charged per the menu bar on the top right. but, when i unplug the ac adapter, the powerbook shuts off immediately.

    i have a new 3rd party battery. it worked perfectly fine and then...baaam!!...now this.

    i called apple care and they said that i might need a new battery. i don't believe what they are saying since this is brand new and it used to work like a charm until as of recent.

    any help?
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    Usually if you have any laptop on AC and you unplug the AC, it's the battery. It may say 100% health, but the numbers can be wrong.
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    interesting. even if i bought this battery no too long ago. i also checked my istat and the battery health is at 85%, 65 cylces, 99% charged.

    when i unplug the AC...poof!! the laptop shuts off immediately.

    so, i dont think its the battery. any other suggestions on how to fix on my end?
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    Try borrowing a battery from a friend, and test it.
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    Just because the battery is new doesn't mean that it can't be bad. Test it with a different battery if possible, then contact whoever sold you this battery.

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