PowerBook G4 vs. iBook G3 vs. netbook for my brother?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by nido24, Jun 12, 2011.

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    So, my brother who is 9 needs a computer. He only does web browsing and that's it. So, should I go with the iBook G3 (cheapest option), PowerBook G4 (A tad bit cheaper than a netbook, although I really haven't looked around at prices too much), or a netbook (probably most expensive although I'm not sure). Also, I realize that the Macs don't support Snow Leopard and won't support Lion. Which is best for web browsing? Portability is also a plus.
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    Find a used netbook. I see them all the time for like $100. Throw Ubuntu on it and call it a day. It'll be much more usable. Or make it a hackintosh. Either way, it'll be a lot better. My old Dell Mini 9, 1.6ghz Atom with 2GB RAM and 32GB Runcore SSD running 10.5.6 was a hell of a lot faster than my 1.33ghz PowerBook G4 12" with 1.25GB RAM and 5400rpm 160GB drive. I know the SSD in the Mini 9 helped, but you can probably find one with an SSD anyway, for very cheap.
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    Dear Newbie: Cross-Posting generally frowned upon here, FYI.
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    The G3 will be so slow, that a nine year old will lose interest. The G4 will have a lot of problems with Flash, but with some help from you, there are some ways to work around it.
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    I wouldn't recommend Ubuntu or a Hackintosh, for a nine year old, or a noob.
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    Ubuntu would be fine for a 9 year old, they don't need that much. A browser and that's about it I'd imagine, probably some little games.

    Wouldn't recommend Hackintosh unless you somehow limit his account enough not to allow any updates that could break it (and every update will break it, believe me).
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    tom vilsack

    have owned or own all 3

    g3-forget it...just to slow,he will lose interest fast!

    g4-ibook could be had off craigs for about $150...you would want least 1.33 or 1.42 and max ram 1.5 and running osx tiger (leopard ok...but tiger is perfect on these)...will run browsers good and flash will be ok,but not as good as below option

    netbook-something cheap like a acer aspire one could be found np for $100-$150...would come withatom 1.6 , 512 ram, 120-160 gig hd...would be running xp or win 7 starter...will run browsers and flash with ease

    i would get g4 ibook..if for no other reason then security and getting little bro into apple and osx...but netbook might be better bang for buck at this point of his young computer life...
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    Netbook might be the best value HOWEVER you will have to help him with the inevitable Windows problems.

    Do you really want to help a 9 year old use a crappy operating system? I get frustrated enough helping my Mom use XP.

    I'd do a G4 laptop just for the peace of mind. :apple:
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    Go with netbook you can find new one for 250 at walmart or you might be lucky to find less than 200 at craigslist. Netbook let you upgrade to any Windows OS many years to come. Powerbook G4 is dead now even though Leopard is close to Snow Leopard.
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    And then you still have a 9yr old that is going to get viruses, and screw up Windows beyond repair.

    Plus, the Powerbooks are STILL built better than most of the netbooks on the market. They're utter crap, most of the time.
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    And then you still have a 9yr old that is going to get viruses, and screw up Windows beyond repair.

    I don't think the kid is going to need to run the newest version of iLife, or Office 2011 :p

    Plus, the Powerbooks are STILL built better than most of the netbooks on the market. They're utter crap, most of the time.
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    I can second this, somewhat. An Acer netbook will be great while it lasts and stays completely working, but mine's got an annoying fan noise now, and I'm pretty sure I nearly pulled part of the case off once (accidentally, and I have no idea how). I'd still try a Toshiba netbook if I needed a Linux portable, though.

    It's that fan noise that actually drove me to get my iBook.
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    I'd agree with the previous suggestion of wiping the drive and installing Ubuntu on a netbook. The G4's are too slow for streaming and flash which is what a kid would want to do on a computer. The G3 is pointless.

    Actually, I think an iPod Touch would be a good option to consider.
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    tom vilsack

    may help....

    today was doing the craigslist thing and came across a ibook G4 1.33 with max ram 1.5....i offer $100 and seller said yes...

    had tiger on it....but as it has 1.5 gig ram i thought i would give leopard a try on it...it's really not to bad! im guessing a updated harddrive (default 40 gig in it still) and this puppy will be good to go for least a couple more years...
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    power PC G3 are very slow, so heavy for kids and only for collector item like iBook G3 Clamshell.

    i agree with this opinion
    "the Powerbooks are STILL built better than most of the netbooks on the market"
    u can choose last gen powerbook or ibook g4 and os leopard :D
    many new apps mostly support os leopard sometimes os tiger!

    :apple: sorry if any mistake with my words ,,,,

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    Eric S.

    My advice is stay away from the iBook G3. That system is known for main logic board failures; it was one of the least reliable systems that Apple has made. I had one, had the logic board replaced once only to have it fail again and I gave up on it.
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    My View: Get a Higher-End PowerBook G4 (1.5Ghz preferably with at least 1GB RAM and give it Tiger/TenFourFox or Leopard/Safari 5) - as then you can run 360p Flash Videos (Standard Quality Youtube Ones) generally okay, and you can lock the system down easily (As nobody wants to let a 9 year old loose in the Terminal). And iLife '05 or '06 will run beautifully as he starts getting into iPhoto, iMovie etc. The build quality is a plus (My PowerBook G4 is still running beautifully and in pretty good shape despite being dropped a few times in its life)

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