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Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by MacCoaster, Feb 29, 2004.

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    I just bought my PowerBook G4 1.25 GHz 15" stock SuperDrive, and I gotta recommend those PowerBooks. I thought I'd wait and wait for the PowerBook G5s, but face it, this is a fine, fine machine. If you need a laptop, the G4 PowerBook will surely be a fine machine. Go for it.
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    Very cool. Glad you're happy. I'm personally waiting very patiently. But oh man its hard.
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    I completely agree. I was holding out FOREVER and am so pleased with my PB 17. I waited until they released Rev B. and bought mine in November - it took nearly 1 month to receive (BTO options) but was worth the wait. Sure, by summer, fall, x-mas, next tuesday (heh), it will be outdated but for now I'm actually being productive instead of waiting on the G5. While it's not as powerful as a desktop it is strong enough to work through some of the biggest Photoshop files I can throw at it - and I'm working on 600-700 MB files! And you really can't sit in your bed or outside on the porch and surf the web with a desktop. For those who are on the fence... buy one - and, like any other Mac get as much RAM as you can afford.
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    Yep, the PowerBook G4s are very nice. I've had my 12" since September and am loving every minute of it still. And even little Al has more power than most people give credit for. I have never had any speed problems and thing's are really snappy now I have maxed out the RAM.

    G5s.. who needs G5s? ;)
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    i have the rev a 17 powerbook and i love it to death!!! glad ur happy with urs
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    heck, I have the first edition 17" powerbook - no problems whatsoever since day one. Who knows, the summer G5 powerbooks may be really buggy. Buy something now that works REALLY well!
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    Yeah, my brother has a 1 GHz 17" and swears by it. That helped me make my decision.
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    I suggest maxing out the RAM if you can swing it - and the 7200 RPM HD is sweet - only 60 GB though - doesn't matter if you use an external drive as a backup/scratch disk.
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    That's my plan, upgrade RAM relatively soon, but wait until college this fall for the harddrive.

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