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Powerbook G5 pic (yeah right)

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by mymemory, Oct 29, 2003.

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    I had to bring it on, you know...[​IMG]
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    hahaha. reminds me of the first mac portable
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    very funny! i guess the system is preloaded with jaguar. :mad:
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    question fear

    wow, that looks just like my friend's dell, jsut sprayed silver.
    and no, thats not a compliment to the dell ;-)
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    haha thats funny
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    he he. that's funny. also kind of how i felt coming to the new PB's from my TiBook... okay, so it's only .1inch thicker than the TiBooks, but the TiBooks were truly beautiful. i'm missing mine. :(
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    Phil Of Mac

    Dual optical drives though! Good deal!
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    baby duck monge

    i, for one, am quite dissappointed. with all that extra space they could have added so many more ports... or at least metal grating :D :D
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    very nice mymemory, i especially like the dual optical drives :)
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    Phil Of Mac

    Metal grating?

    Jesus Christ. (With the lisp.) That's gonna collect dust, dirt, and small insects!
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    thats so large they might as well make this the G5 laptop:

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    Phil Of Mac

    That's not a moon, that's a personal computer!
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    Ha, this was on SpyMac a month or two ago.
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    notice that due to its size, and the fact that when its turned on it may blow itself across the desk: it needs TWO kensington lock ports rather than one.
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    G5 Sphere! Rock!
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    my old 520c was about that size....

    and yes, you could cook eggs on it
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    funny how the portable gets 2 optical drives and the tower gets 1
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    The whole side should be metal grating for air flow cooling. Otherwise, that would be one hot metal box to lay on your lap.
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    PowerBook G5 Rev. B


    :D :D :cool:
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    Mr. Anderson

    nice - there should be a handle on it and it could be its own briefcase.....;)

    D :D
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    Phil Of Mac

    Someone else brought this up and I quite soundly refuted that point. If you can't be bothered to read the rest of the thread when it's only one page...
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    glad they shrunk it - now i shouldn't get back pains when i carry it.

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