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Powerbook G5 to-be-released at WWDC 2005

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Apple!Freak, May 29, 2005.

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    Things look positive. Will all the speculation that has been going around I think its going to happen (but please, don't kill me if I'm wrong :p)!

    What do you guys think? I say its a pretty good possibility in which I hope becomes reality. I was planning on buying a 12" PB G4 next weekend but I'm thinking I wlll hold off until the weekend after next. :)
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    wow.. we've heard this so many times before...
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    Can you please share these positive things you seem to know?
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    yawn - another powerbook g5 thread.

    move along, nothing to see here!
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    Just like everyone else has already pointed out, this is pointless!

    It is doubful that they release PB G5's at WWDC because the computer that is long overdue for an update is the iBook, so that will most likely come first. I'm not saying PB G5's (maybe even iBook G5's for that matter) are out of the question, but it would definitely be a HUGE surprise.

    I recently bought a 15'' PB G4. I knew that G5's would be coming sometime in the next 6 months probably, but I couldn't wait that long because of school and I wouldn't want one from the first batch anyway since they've had so many problems with heating/cooling (and other things). Plus, so far my G4 has been great (not saying that a G5 wouldn't be better. Wish they could have fixed problems a little sooner :( ).

    So I am gonna say NO to PowerBook G5s at WWDC, but in the back of my mind I am hoping for new ones because it would just be cool. :D
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    Huh.. What?? PowerBook G5... :rolleyes:

    yawn.. mumbles: 'someone give me shock therapy whe.. thi.. hap - pens'

    aussie_geek slips back into coma :D
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    Could not be written better :p :p :p :D
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    I'm bored of this.

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    I hear there's going to be an iShuffle G5 too! And iMove G5, and iPhoto G5, and iDVD G5, and Final Cut G5! Oh, oh, and a 23" cinema display G5!
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    If this happens you will get a Noddy badge..from me personally..mmmkay
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    It would actually make sense if the PBs did get a big update regardless of what everyone has been saying. Reason being, you're right, the iBook needs an update. However, if you update the iBook at all, it would be just as good as the PowerBook. So, consequently, they need to get updated at the same time. As I've posted before, I suspect 1.7ghz 12"PB 1.8ghz 15"PB and 2.0ghz 17" PB alongside a 1.5ghz 13" iBook and a 1.67ghz 15" iBook.
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    I'm pretty sure they're either comming out with the G5 at the WWDC or a little after that. Of course, not the dual...just the 1.8.
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    I wish people would put question marks '?' on thread titles like this one.

    Just when you think someone has some 'real' info amongst the gloop that are WWDC predictions on MR it turns out to just be an attention grabber for yet more discussion on an age-old topic for which dozens of threads already exist...

    *calms himself*

    If one does come out it'll be sooo much more expensive than a 12-incher that the comparison is out of the question for buying one.
    And I'm willing to bet that it'd manifest itself as a 15-inch if not 17-inch machine first, not a 12-inch.
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    a 23" cinema display G5? you mean a 23" imac G5? cool that's what i want. let's start a new thread! because since you said it you must have some specific new information that makes it likely. just like this pb g5 thread. just like all the other pb g5 thread......... :eek:
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    I can't see Apple ever coming out with a 15in iBook. Even the idea seems a little bit rediculous. To me, anyway :rolleyes:

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    No, I did not mean that. Was I not being sarcastic enough?

    Then again, were you being sarcastic enough? Probably. :)
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    Mr Maui

    I've heard this rumor so many times before, I decided not to read this column, nor post a remark or reply. :D
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    If anyone had real information they wouldn't post it anyway in fear that it wasn't supposed to be released and get sued by Apple. :eek:
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    The little birdy told me...

    The little birdy on my shoulder told me that the G5 Powerbooks are still way off when her eggs were fried on the keyboard! :D :) :D
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    @ ITASOR:

    yeah, I guess.. but we live in hope, right ? :rolleyes:

    -That's why every person who read this thread clicked on it, isn't it ? :eek:
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    I think we should have a public execution of this guy. To set an example for any else who would like to start a powerbook G5 thread.
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