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Powerbook Goes to Sleep Too Soon!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by crazzyeddie, Jul 16, 2004.

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    My Powerbook Titanium 1ghz has a very strange problem. It falls asleep at about 50% - 60% instead of the normal 30%. Ive tried recalibrating the battery about 10 times, resetting the PMU and reinstalling OS X, to no avail! Any suggestions/solutions, other than buying a new battery?
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    Anyone? Anyone at all?
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    My Alu 17" 1GHz PB did this at 20%. First it was a battery problem and then it was the logic board. They ended up replacing it with a 1.33GHz 17" Alu after not having the parts to fix the logic board. Hope that helps.
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    That doesn't give me much hope :( Today the computer feel asleep at 75% battery power... :(
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    try resetting the PMU

    how old is your computer you could be needing a new battery
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    Its a 1ghz TiBook, so just over 1.5 years... hardly the limits of these Powerbook batteries. I've tried resetting the PMU a few times, but nothing seems to help.
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    Take it to an Apple technician and have them order you a new battery, you could have killed the battery without knowing it, batteries can go bad sometimes. Or you could have the tech try to reset the battery somehow.
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    I have thought of that... but not having Applecare, its at least a $129 venture if the battery is the issue.

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