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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by ang8385, Jul 31, 2004.

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    Is Powerbook G4 12inch (1.33) and iBook G3 12 inch (600)'s adapters the same ? Can i use either one of them to charge my 2 notebooks ??
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    As long as the iBook adapter is the white brick type, not the old Yo-yo. The iBook adapter is probably 45w and the Powerbook 65w so the iBook adapter may take longer to charge the PB
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    I wouldn't. Otherwise they would just give us all the same AC adapters for all Powerbook and iBooks. However, they don't do this despite the fact it'll save them lots of money, so I wouldn't bother trying.

    I'm also judging this by what they say about mobile phones. Some Nokia phones can fit almost ANY Nokia AC adapter, but the fact is that it'll decrease your the lifespan of your battery if you use an incorrect AC adapter type. Note that mobile phones also use Li-Ion batteries. So yes, it may actually work, but expect your battery to last for several months less than it would have if you had just stuck with the proper AC adapter type.
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    Actually it is designed to work with both, Apple only make the 65w version now. They even provide the 65w as a warranty replacement for the 45w.

    The Apple store states:
    "Extra Portable Power Adapter - 65W (for iBook & PowerBook)
    Use an extra adapter for home or work. Apple's new, innovative AC adapter complements and is made specificially for your new PowerBook G4 or iBook."
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    its strange if they are the same now, but fair enough. When you get your Powerbook in the booklet it says "only use the adapter that came with your mac" Maybe this was incase of damage to your battery is you used an iBook adapter. However thats obviously not an issue now if they're the same.
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    I've got a 2 yo iBook and a new PB and the adapters are the same for both.

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    i think i just stick to their own adapter, thankx guys
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    No, the iBook will be 45w and the PB a 65w. What Finiksa posted is correct. Some of the 12" PB's *may* have shipped with the 45w. Trust me we have over 60 Apple laptops at work and if the adapter works, they'll use it. It's never caused a problem.

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