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Powerbook instead of Imac

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by ldenman, Oct 29, 2005.

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    well, i got my imac about a month or so ago and really like it.
    its the 20" 2.ghz. only, a little bit after i bought it, they released the new ones!!!!! :(

    anyhow, i really need the portability of a powerbook.
    i use my imac for small editing of dv and a little bit of programming.i also play wow(which runs crappy, for some reason.)
    Do you think i should go ahead and sell my imac and get a powerbook?
    also, is there a way that i could back my hd up onto my ipod and copy it over to the powerbook?


    sorry, i thought that i was in the buying...etc forum.
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    mad jew

    The PowerBook will be considerably slower. I recommend looking at an iBook if you're not planning on doing anything too intensive on the road but would still like the portability, keeping the iMac for the hard stuff. :)

    As for backing up to an iPod, that's fine. You'll want to Enable Disk Usage in the iPod preferences if you haven't already (through iTunes).
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    i forgot to mention i do a lot of recording also with reason/garageband/soundtrack pro. It gets pretty ram intensive. I think i'm gonna max it out at 2 gigs. i can afford it, only if i sell the imac.
    i would much rather have a powerbook than an ibook.
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    mad jew


    Yeah fair enough, I can see why. You'll notice a pretty significant speed drop either way though. The iMac is considerably faster.
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    mmm...well, i suppose it is worth it.
    need of portability>speed

    thanks madjew.

    i just don't want to buy it and have another release come out.
    i'd be pissed.
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    mad jew


    The current PowerBooks only just came out so you should be pretty safe knowing you have one of the fastest Mac laptops out there until they go Intel sometime late next year (at the earliest). :)
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    exactly the answer i was looking for.
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    mad jew

    Awesome. :)

    Just don't hold me accountable when Apple releases the 3.0GHz G5 PowerBook next Tuesday, to the surprise of the entire industry. :D

    In all seriousness, the current PowerBooks really should be competitive until 2007.
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    You could always take the stand off of your imac and duct tape a car battery to the back of it. Instant portability. :D
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    ..not a bad idea...
    a lot cheaper too...
    i think you're on to something.

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