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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by tag, Sep 21, 2005.

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    I just bought a newly refurbished 12" powerbook this month, and noticed something odd. It seems that the top middle of the keyboard is a bit higher(not a ton, just a bit) than the rest of the keyboard. This bump seems to apex right underneath the F6 Key. It also it seems that the sound keys (F4-5) arent as responsive as the rest and the F1 Brightness key really needs to be pushed to work. Is this normal on powerbooks(I really cant remember noticing this at the apple store on other models, but I wasn't really paying that much attention to keyboard flatness), or could it be when apple refurbished it, the keyboard got put on incorrectly? I'll try posting a picture of this later when I get home.
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    I would take it to an Apple Retail Store and have a Mac Genius check it out. It is NOT normal for PowerBooks to have a bump in the keyboard. Its unknown about refurbished anything, so nothing is guaranteed as "like-new" when you purchase a refurb. It does have a 1 yr warranty on it so you might as well take it to an Apple Retail Store, or Apple Service Center and let them look at it.
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    Mine had a similar issue when I got it (new). I took it into one of the Genius Bars, and they replaced the keyboard. (Actually, IIRC, the first Genius Bar told me it was normal, and when I inspected the keyboards on the PBs in the store, I disagreed with their assessment, so I took it to a Genius Bar at a different store.) Anyhow, the keyboard replacement fixed it.
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    Thanks both for the input. I think I'll just have to break down and drive the hour each way to the nearest apple store this weekend. Better safe than sorry, since the one brightness key has soo been bugging me. I'll give a post after I talk to the genius bar this weekend, hopefully it will just be a quick fix. :eek:

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