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powerbook looses internet/network connection

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by zoran, Sep 22, 2012.

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    I have my Powerbook connected to the home network and every day it will loose its internet/network connection. The other mac thats on the same network will never loose its connection. What might i be looking for to fix this issue?
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    What model Powerbook do you have? Does it loose the connection about the same time every day?
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    Are you connected to the internet via ethernet or wireless when you lose (note just 1 'o') your connection?
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    Its a 1.67GHz powerbook
    Im connected via ethernet
    Havent noticed when connection is lost!
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    When you loose the connection, does the Powerbook still have a standard 192/10/172 IP address or does it get a 169 one?
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    how can i check that?
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    System Preferences>Network>IP address. The 192, 172, or 10 should be one of the starting numbers when everything is working correctly.
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    right now its working, but suppose those numbers are not the ones that the ip starts with, what will i make of it?
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    The only other number it should be is 169. It may be something else entirely, but only in rare cases. If you want, you can post the first two sets of numbers. Nothing bad can posting them.
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    starting numbers don't seem to change but the 2 the last numbers did change when internet came back on, eg. it was .33 and became .34 without me switching on/off the router
  11. justperry, Sep 23, 2012
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    Those last 2 numbers are not important, for instance, if you are behind a router with two computers, one with and and then both disconnect and then connect the one which had the 3 number last first it will be almost sure to connect it with
    There are ways to always connect the same computer with the same internet IP but that's not relevant now.

    Edit 1: Are there only two computers on that network, do you ever get a message of conflicting IP numbers?
    For instance, when it happens, is there another device connecting to the network, any internet capable device, like an iPhone(smartphone), tablet?
    If so there could be a conflicting IP.

    Edit 2 : What you also can do is the following.

    Drag the following folder to your desktop, don't delete it.


    After this restart and look how it goes, this will more or less reset your network configuration and could solve the problem.
    Be aware that all configurations will reset after you do this so if you connect in any other way to the internet you have to set that one up again.
    If it does not help then delete the newly formed Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration and drag the one from your desktop back and restart.
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    yes there are only two macs and yes i get a msg of conflicting
    the solution you give (folder dragging) i must do it in both macs?
  13. justperry, Sep 23, 2012
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    Aha, that is your problem, you've got two conflicting IP numbers.
    Edit: Ethernet or wireless???If Wireless do the tip in Edit Again: first!!!!
    Let Me expain-simple.

    An IP number is similar/like a physical address, now lets say in your street there are two houses with the same number and also same name of the people inside, then there is a mail delivery, the guy has never been there so where to deliver, he does not know, therefore a conflict.

    Now, the solution in the Edit I gave you won't work.
    There are several ways to solve the problem, assigning IP numbers to certain computers in your home in the router, this is a bit tricky and not even always posible if the modem/router is from the provider.
    What you can do is to assign a static IP to both computers, this is not that hard.

    Steps to assign IP to a(each) Mac computer.
    You should write down the IP numbers of both computers first, you can find that in Network in System Preferences

    1 Open Network in System Preferences
    2 Click ethernet Edit: Or Airport if wireless connected
    3 click advanced
    4 In the Tcp/IP Tab there is a selection in IPv4, click and select "Using DHCP with manual Address
    5 In the IPv4 Address box fill out the Address you want***
    ***Best way now is to choose a higher number but be aware that the first 9 numbers should be the same as before, lets say you had then you need to add 192.168.1. first and than the last number(s), see below.
    6 Best way is 1 computer on ***.***.***.100, other on 101.
    ***.***.***. is your old 9 numbers.
    Example, your IP was then new one should be and
    No need to restart.

    If you need more help, PM me, faster, be aware though I am in Asia, GMT + 6 hours

    Edit: Just a question, do you have a wireless enabled computer or router, is it on, if so and you don't use it switch it of or change the password, maybe someone is lurking on your network and causes the problem of conflicting IP numbers, I've rarely seen this on Apple(if ever), maybe some PC is piggy backing on your network.
    Some modems can easily broken into, even on WPA(Thompson for instance)

    Edit Again: If you connect wirelessly you should really change your password and connect using WPA/WPA2, not WEP, maybe that is the whole problem, people hacking into your home network.
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    There is nothing wireless in my network. The router is an old Zyxel Prestige 660H so i don't understand why this is happening especially since this setup is like this for over 2 years... why this issue now?

  15. justperry, Sep 23, 2012
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    Are you sure that on both computers the airport/wireless is off?
    If it's of then just take the steps I told you in My last post, change both computers to a static IP.
    And in the case this won't work, which I think is not possible, it is your zyxel.

    Try that first, and if you still have problems, try to reset the modem, if that won't work, maybe there is a software update, go to zyxel site and look if there's a software update/firmware update for it.
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    When there are two computers on a network is it mandatory to be on static ips? If so, then what is the use of having DHCP on auto? (or is this irrelevant?)
  17. justperry, Sep 24, 2012
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    Sorry to reply so late, did NOT have internet for 1 day, this is Asia:eek:

    No normally you don't need Static IP, it should work out of the box, but you had/have a problem so this way you could potentially solve the problem.
    As I told you before, I never saw this problem on a mac, probably the Zyxel is the problem.
    Sometimes you want to have a static IP address to always connect to the same address, Example, I have a Deambox Satellite receiver and I assigned a Static address to it so the software I have on my mac I do not need to search for it every time.
    I have 6-7 devices on my network, 2 Tv's-Dreambox-AppleTv-Powerbook- and 1 or 2 telephones, all a static IP assigned in the router, this way I know which device has which IP for convenience.
    I also know that even providers give you Static IP for instance if there are connection problems.

    Regarding your two questions.

    1 No, it is normally not mandatory to have Static IP

    2 Since you have problems you could solve the problem by assigning Static IP's, is it relevant you ask, not normally but as above, you have problems so try this.

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    how can i check to know if my Zyxel is the problem?
  19. justperry, Sep 24, 2012
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    Just use Static IP addresses, if that works then who cares if the Zyxel has problems.
    It does not matter, does it, if you use static Ip's and it works then why worry more if it works:confused:
    I told you also above to reset the Zyxel, if that won't work look for new firmware on Zyxel site, many times there will be updates available.

    Edit : I edited this post, it's a Zyxel instead of Zyrex.

    Go to:
    Click support and fill in model number.
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    I just looked up your modem(P-660h**), It seems to be a fairly old ADSL+ modem router, Is this modem supplied from your provider, if so I would give them a call and say you have problems with it, maybe they will send you a new one if requested.
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    no its not supplied by the provider, i bought it back then and still was using it, only now i encounter this issue.
    cant i see if its the modems fault or not?
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    No, for us that is very hard to find out if the modem has problems, but it won't matter if it works after assigning Static IP's.

    You could for instance ask family/friends/colleagues if they have an old one laying around and try that one instead, if it works well you know there is a problem with the modem.

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