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Powerbook / Macbook and scratching

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by medic350, Feb 16, 2006.

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    Unfortunately, I bought a gateway tablet PC before I discovered how amazing macs are (i also have a 20" iMac G5). But, before I go out and drop a couple thousand on a mac book (which i'll probably wind up doing anyway), just wanted to check on the durability of the powerbook/macbook case. My gateway has a silver outside and despite the fact that its always either in my backpack (touching nothing more abrasive than a text book) or a laptop case, it has become incredibly scratched up. I have no idea how it happened, it's just scratched terribly!

    I was just wondering how the exterior of the power/mac books hold up. Is a sleeve really necessary if you're putting it in a back pack? Does the exterior scratch easily? I can understand it scratching if its dropped, but after a year of owning it and taking decent care of it, does it still look as it did when you bought it? Thanks for the help!
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    I would always put it in a sleeve to prevent other things from knocking into it but my powerbook has been very durable. There have been times that I've knocked into it with a metal cup, or dragged something across the surface and there hasn't been any marks to prove it. It is definitely much more durable than dells or a gateway tablet my professor has.
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    oh and btw...are they titanium or aluminum? is there a difference?
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    the mac book is made of adonized aluminum

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