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Powerbook paint crumbling

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by agdickinson, Nov 2, 2003.

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    I've got a Powerbook Ti G4 667, it's a lovely machine, and fun to use. It's the only machine I used at home and work.

    VNC for Mac is great as it allows me to administer the NT 4 :( network at work without changing to a windows machine...


    Anyway back to topic (I hope). If not please let me know which area of the forums I should post this in please. Or alternatively move me :)

    The paint is starting to flake off the machine, and I wondering if there are any coating's which I could use to prevent it going further on my machine?

    I've found the Powerbook Ti is rather strong after dropping it on some laminate flooring (it was switched off), and it chipped the wood laminate flooring... :eek: but still works fine.... If it happened with a Windows machine it would of died I think...

    Any ideas on the cracking paint would be appreciated. The machine get's hot and the paint bubbles off...

    The machine was purchased June 2002.


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    This may not work for huge areas of your powerbook, but Ive heard this is the way to go for small scratches:

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    Thanks for the info... Just ordered Some


    Thanks for the information I have just checked the web site and ordered some.

    Thanks for the help :)


    Well hoping to get my G5 this week (well in 5 minutes GMT)...

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    Well, I can't speak for everyone here but Tipaint has been a nightmare for alot of people. Unreliable service. Some people never even got their product and the applicator they advertise is a toothpick. Do a gggle search and you will find this information.
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    Oh crap um 'oh dear', I hope I get it...

    :eek: :(

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    Well you can always embrace your problems, and take all he paint off, then you have a wonderful slate to paint on your own custom design:)

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