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Powerbook Prices

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by scifi451, Jul 22, 2003.

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    I am looking at getting a new 15" laptop for college this fall and much like alot of people I am trying to decide to buy or wait for the updated model.

    But this is not another thread for when the new model will be out.

    I am wondering what people think will be the price for the new 15" model. Whether it will be the same price as the current model or alot more than the current. I am wondering even with the student discount if I might end up paying alot more if I wait for the new model.

    Thanks for your help.
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    buy the 12''. lots of portability and the option to hook it up to a much larger monitor. plus even the super drive model is significantly less expensive than the 15'' :)
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    I am going to get a 12inch pb, whats the max resolution? Does it get really too hot?
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    Nope I am getting a 15", the 12" is too small for me and I want a level 3 cache.
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    I expect the RETAIL price to either remain the same as they are now, or be the same price as they were before the $200 price drop. I don't think the educational prices will be quite as good as they are now since they're trying to clear out the old PBs... but that's just my $0.02...
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    screen's hella small if you want to use it for design stuff.

    and yeah, it gets hot like a stove top someimes.
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    unfortunately there's no support for DVI. My friend bought a 20 inch flat panel and a 12inch laptop as soon as it was announced... and then was shocked out of his mind when he realized he couldn't hook them up. $150 shipping charge back to apple.....

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