Powerbook questions, never owned a laptop before!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by eyeon, Dec 27, 2005.

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    For my business, I desperately need a powerbook. I've been holding off as I simply could not afford it, but for Christmas, my dad offered to pay for half! So, I'm going to order a new 15" like tomorrow. The thing is, I've never had a laptop before. I've hardly ever even used one. I've been using desktop computers for as long as I can remember, but when it comes to laptops, I'm definitely a newb. So I've got some questions, and I apologize if they're a bit basic:

    If I buy a laptop and add aftermarket RAM (from Crucial), will it void any part of my AppleCare protection plan?

    Are there any things I should do to "prep" the machine as soon as I get it? Like charge the battery all the way, and then let it drain all the way? I think I remember reading a few tips on here in the past about things like this, and of course I can't find them...

    Is it generally a good idea to let the battery completely run out before charging it again? Does it matter?

    How much power does the machine use when it's asleep? Could I basically let it sleep for months without the battery *completely* dying? I've always just been curious about this...

    I can't think of anything else right now... any responses to these questions or any other tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    No, you're good on RAM, it is user replaceable. Either Crucial or www.datamem.com
    But, give your machine a day or two running before you install the RAM -- if there are any flaws or crashes or out-of-box problems, you don't want to be second-gueaaing whether it's the new RAM or the machine that's the culprit.
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    Yup; it's a good idea to calibrate the battery by running it down completely the first time. I think the manual will tell you to do that. After the first time do whatever you want with charging etc!
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    you don't need to charge it up right away. you do need to drain it completely (until it goes to sleep) and then let it charge all the way pretty soon after you get it. And i'm pretty sure it can't sleep for months.
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    Yea, pretty much what they said.
    As for RAM I'd recommend Crucial, 'cause i've used them before for Mac & PC and their memory works. No lockups, crashes or anything you see with cheaper, generic RAM.
    Do a full charge-discharge power cycle thing about once a month (so I hear) and that should keep your battery calibrated. When it sleeps it consumes less battery but it will not go a few months sleeping...the battery will get hungry again :D

    Enjoy your fine piece of notebook. I just got one last week and couldn't be happier with it.
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    Can you wait until after MWSF? They might be updated (if not, the updated iBooks might be better than the current Powerbooks).

    Read this.
    I really don't think so. Maybe a few days...
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    Your PB will only last a few days in sleep mode but i've found that I just tend to leave my PB on 24/7 on my desk.
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    I would definitely hold off till January 10th at the very least.
    Even though REV "A" products have their risks, it may be hard to pass
    up on a considerably faster and more efficient Yonah based dual core laptop.

    There will be so many changes in what is available over the next 6-12 months
    it will make heads spin.
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    I agree, it never hurts to wait a little while to see what the go is. ;)
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    I really wish I could wait until MWSF, but this notebook is mostly for work purposes, and so I need it absolutely as soon as possible. They originally suggested that I bring my G5 in to the office and use THAT to do my design work, to which I responded not a snowball's chance in hell...

    I actually just ordered it last night. I'm sure it will be an amazing machine.

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