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powerbook ram upgrade, any hints?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Ashapalan, Feb 23, 2006.

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    I have finally ordered a 1 gig ram stick for my powerbook (see sig) and was wondering if anyone had any usefull tips and hints as to installing it when it arrives (hopefully) tommorow.

    I've read through the manual etc but was after any help from someone with hands on experience, the 'push until it clicks' bit worries me a little, i've never upgraded anything in a computer before.

    Anyhows, thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
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    It's really easy. You'll probably have a hard time messing it up. I'd check out iFixIt if you haven't already. They give pretty good instructions on installing everything. I wouldn't worry about it though, installing RAM is probably the easiest thing you can do as far as upgrades are concerned.
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    If your replacing the ram in the PB with bigger ram size, look how the 'old' ram came out ..

    The new ram will need to go in the same direction because the ram are keyed to the board and if your having trouble installing it try flipping the ram stick re-try installing..
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    Buy a very small philips (+) head screw driver. One for repairing glasses is ideal. Otherwise you will struggle to get the RAM cover off and will probably scratch the bottom of your PowerBook. I think it's size 0.
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    You install the module at a 30 degree angle, and press the contact edge firmly into the socket while it is at the 30 degree angle. Then pivot it down to the horizontal position. There should be none or very little of the contacts remaining showing. If there 1/16 inch or more of the gold contacts visible, then you need to reinstall.
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    thanks for the responses, some useful things there and i'm fairly confident now that i'll be fine.

    I'll let you know if i did manage to muck it up when it gets here.
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    Biggest mistake that people make: They use the wrong size screwdriver thinking it doesn't really make a difference. Goto Home Depot or Lowes or any hardware store and make sure you get the 00 Philips screwdriver. The screws are made of aluminum, an EXTREMELY soft metal, and you will strip the screws if you aren't careful. Also, when retightening the back, don't overtighten. Just tight enough so that the panel doesn't fall off. Make sure you ground yourself and have fun.
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    Well, the memory arrived 20 minutes ago (10 am) which really speaks a lot for Offtek memory, cheapest price and got it too me the next day.

    The procedure went well, I got a bit nervous around the '30 degree' angle bit but did my best and now...

    new ram .jpg

    Im still nervous its going to blow up in some kind of way, but my fingers are crossed.

    I am curious about the stickers on the ram chips, are they okay to be left on? I know that area can get a little hot?

    All in all things seem (so far) to have gone well, so thanks for the tips and i'll be off now to enjoy the new breathing room.
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    I always leave them on. I've seen ones before that say "Warantee void if removed" stuck to RAM so I assume it's OK to leave them!

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