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Powerbook RAM Upgrade

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by slippy, Mar 10, 2005.

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    Hey all, how is it going? Well anyway, I'm having quite some trouble figuring out an issue.

    I bought some Kingmax memory (1GB sticks) from newegg to put in my powerbook. This ram is working perfectly fine I must say! My powerbook is running awesome.

    Our plan was to take my old ram, two 512MB sticks and put them in my girlfriend’s powerbook. These sticks are the original ram from apple in my less than 2 month old powerbook.

    When I put this RAM in my girlfriend’s computer, I received a kernel panic on the first program I opened, photoshop. I'm sure you can guess where this is headed. Needless to say her computer won’t come out of sleep mode, and kernel panics a lot! I've searched the forum, and have done about everything recommended on here. I've run disk checks, repaired permissions, run the memory tests from apple and memtest by way of rember. The memory tests show the memory as 100% okay.

    Her laptop has 2 256MB sticks identical (manufacturer, speed, etc.) to the 2 512MB sticks I have. I have put the 512 sticks back in my powerbook and they work just fine. For now I put her 256MB sticks back in hers and it has done a kernel panic once. Does anyone have any suggestions for a next step I can take? Sorry for the long post! Thanks!
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    Did you seat the RAM properly? It takes a little effort to get it in correctly and can cause problems if it isn't in all the way.

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    Yeah, unfortanetly both were pushed in as far as could go. I checked, double checked, and re-checked...
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    Is her Powerbook the Rev. A aluminum model (or earlier)? Those used PC2100, and if you're trying to put PC2700 in it, I can see where there would be a problem...
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    Actually, the fact that they are PC2700 alone is unlikely to cause a problem. The speed rating of RAM is not the speed the chips actually will RUN at, its the maximum speed they have been tested for. The computer sets the speed the memory buss runs at, not the RAM.

    It's like buying tires rated for 140 MPH: they'll still only go as fast as the car drives them.

    What Powerbook did they come out of. What Powerbook did they go into? What are the brand and specs of the 512 modules?

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    Well, I have a 1.67Ghz G4, 100GB HD, 128MB Ati 9700, Etc. etc. all those good new things. She has a 1Ghz G4, 60GB, 64MB ATI 9600, 512MB PC 2700.

    The RAM that came out of my Powberbook is hynix PC2700S-25330, 512MB DDR 333MHz chips. Her Powerbook has hynix PC2700S-25330, 256MB DDR 333MHz Chips. Thanks for your help guys!
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    Anyone have any suggestions? If not I think I may hold off on the upgrade and try again (whenever the time may be) with a fresh install OS X 10.4. I'm tempted to reinstall 10.3 but hopefully its only a few months away.
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    Whether the modules that come out of the 1.67 will work or not in the 1 GHz AlBook depends on the internal organization of the memory on the module. Apple made a change in the Powerbooks around the 1.33 GHz mark that allowed them more flexibility in the way memory was designed. The 1.0 and 1.25 GHz Powerbooks are much more finicky, and will not take some types of RAM even though it is nominally PC2100/PC2700 SODIMM.
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    Well that’s disappointing. But thanks for your help CanadaRAM! I'll probably just keep it the way it is.

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