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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by nsbio, Nov 4, 2006.

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    The lower memory slot on my 15'' PB just failed, so I am going to bring it in to the nearest Apple store. My question is should I remove the 3rd party RAM (which is from Crucial) in the upper slot and leave only the original Apple module in the lower slot. I heard that Apple repair people do not like 3rd party RAM. Can they really refuse repair when they see a 3rd party module, or I should be OK leaving the 3rd party module in?
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    They can't 'refuse' repair, but they can blame the third-party part and 'forget' to fix anything else.
    Put the Apple RAM in and avoid hassles.
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    Thanks. I guess I'd just have to remove the 3rd party module...
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    The Genius could not reproduce the defect on site (of course, the PB booted up normally when it was being watched - duh :) ), but he still took my words and OKed a logic board replacement. Happy with the service so far - but now will have to get used to living without the PB for several days, which is hard...

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