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Powerbook (Rev.D) DVD Write Speeds

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by fitinferno, May 29, 2005.

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    Hey all, I tried to find the answer to my question in searches from earlier threads, but I just don't seem to be able to :( So I figured I'd put up a new thread.

    One of the selling points of my current, latest revision 12 inch powerbooks was the claim, by Apple, that the superdrives they've thrown into the powerbooks could burn up to 8x. So...I went to burn a DVD right now and it only gave me the option of 1x speed or maximum. And so I put it on maximum, but clearly, maximum is not 8x speed because this is just taking forever to burn...it's burning at about the rate my old one did...which is...oh...1x.

    When I tried to set it to max, I noticed that the console log in my system profiler said "requested dvd burn speed was 47x, actual burn speed is 1x." This just seems odd.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I.e., what does your show when you burn a DVD? Is this just how it is or, the most probable scenario, am I missing something? Thanks for the input in advance!
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    ok cool

    are u using x8 media but yeah i got a 1.25ghz pb and and that takes forever so its normal hey at least there reliable
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    Hey, thanks for the reply. I thought the media is 8x...but I could be wrong as it does not say directly on the discs and I threw the tag to this set of DVDs out a long time ago. Maybe it does have something to do with the media, I hope so.

    You definitely have a good point on the reliability. On my old PB, the DVDs would always get error up during the process of burning them and get corrupted...so I'm glad this one is working and slow rather than fast and making beer mats out of my DVDs :)

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