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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by MarkRob, Jul 26, 2005.

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    I am new to macs and have a new powerbook. While working on a document, the screen goes blank and the mouse and keyboard turn off. I then click a few keys and they come on again. Any idea what is going on? The power is connected and the battery is fully charged.
    Any ideas appreciated. mark :confused:
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    mad jew

    It's a setting to conserve energy. You can stop it (although I don't really recommend it since it's saving you power) in the System Preferences from memory.
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    The preferences are set to stay on for at least an hour. The screen goes blank while I am using it!
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    Try selecting "never" for display in Preferences and see if that helps.
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    having the same problem

    My Powerbook G4 display is going black at seemingly random intervals. It comes back on if I hit the space bar. This is not a power saver setting. I have set power options so that neither the computer nor the display should ever sleep. Also, this is happening sometimes in the middle of active sessions, say while I am typing.

    This is a recent phenomenon; I accepted the latest set of Tiger updates not long ago. I wonder whether that might be involved.
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    Fleetwood Mac

    That's quite odd. It seems like we've been hearing about that sort of thing a lot more recently though..

    First thing I'd try is resetting the PMU. Find your appropriate model on the page below and follow the instructions, if you feel comfortable enough doing so:


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