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Powerbook screen issues

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by nzmc36, Jan 20, 2008.

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    This may have been posted earlier, so sorry is this is a repeat. I've had this PowerBook since the first 17" versions came out in early 2003 and it has worked wonderfully. It even came adrift on a bicycle one day (strap broke with a brand new sleeve bag) it skidded down the road and bashed into the curb... still kept working.... other than a couple of dents and a lid that never closed again quite so well, it has been a fab machine.

    Anyway, a few months ago the screen started occasionally going a green/blue tinge, almost like very fine stripes down the screen. A wriggle of the screen seemed to fix it, but it has now become quite bad, and stays like that for most of the time. I figure it must be the connection to the screen from the system, as when using the laptop for presentations (connected to a projector) all is good.

    So my question is, does anyone know a easy fix? I heard that the wiring is built in, and needs the screen replacing, which doesn't make sense given it's nearly 5 years old.

    Any ideas?

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    sounds like one of the wires might have been pinched when it was dropped an the opening and closing over that time finally broke it and it's shorting out. maybe buy a new lcd wire harness and replace it. did any of the hinges break? would be a good idea to replace those too while it's open and that way it will open and close true again.
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    Thanks! None of the hinges broke, and it's been like that for nearly 4 years... it dropped after having it for only 3 months... nearly cried... I'll see what they say about the harness as several folks thought the wiring is permanently connected to the monitor, so you have to replace the monitor as well. If that's $800 I think it will stay the way it is, and I'll get a new one soon. Just seems a waste as it's still works pretty well.

    Thanks again!
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    yeah i misread that. it's more then likely that the cable is permanently attached to the lcd. so that might not work. you can always check ebay for a similar screen and replace yours and sell yours for working lcd but with ripped cable to recoup some/most of your losses.

    oh and better yet. it could give you a good excuse to upgrade to a hi res screen (1920x1200)

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