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Powerbook Slow All Of A Sudden

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by cmcconkey, Feb 9, 2009.

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    I have a PowerBook G4 and I have started noticing a slow down with MANY applications. The biggest slow down that I have noticed is with my FireFox. It will take almost 140 secs to load the homepage for macrumors. This is not isolated to this homepage, there are many others for me.

    Now for some background. I have a 6mb connection by AT&T running over and AEBS (latest revision). My wife's MacBook (about a year old) connects and loads pages with no problems. My PowerMac G5, which is hardwired into the AEBS, is also running with no problems.

    What is it that I can look into on my PowerBook find my problem?

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    Have you tried repairing permissions? I would also use DiskWarrior and/or Drive Genius 2 to de-frag your directory and make sure everything is in order. Those should help.
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    Is the slowdown with internet-related apps only or are we looking at whole system slowdowns?

    The place to start for general slowdowns will be activity monitor, sort by CPU usage, and see if there is a process going crazy. Also check memory usage and network usage if the processor usage monitor doesn't seem to be any help.
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    Check for memory leaks!!! Especially under leopard. Ive had it for about a week now and Ive gotten 5 so far, very aggravating. However, Ive prevented them from starting up now so its all good (Skype and Safari are the ones that seem to leak from when i open them to when I shut the computer off)
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    Yeah repaired permissions about a day ago.

    I just tried out iPhoto and it went loaded up, but it didn't ever get to a point to where I could access anything in iPhoto. It came up with the iPhoto window and then pinwheeled and I had to force quit it.

    What is the best way to check for memory leaks? I have 10 apps running with FireFox being the one with the most CPU usage (12%).
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    Watch the memory use under System Moniter and test several apps (1 open at once preferably) and just watch the memory ussage and take it and make intervals at every hour for a day and see if it stays in a range or keeps going up.

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