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Powerbook Startup vs. iMac

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by yogi477, Aug 11, 2003.

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    Why is it that my 12PB starts up slower than my iMac SE which is a 400Mhz G3 vs an 867Mhz G4? The powerbook seems to stay ages on the gray Apple screen on startup but is quicker than the iMac for the rest of the startup. Both are running the most recent software updates.
    Anyone else noticed anything like this or found any fixes because it does get annoying that my Powerbook is so slow to start (especially next to XP laptops although side by side everyone likes the PB better)

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    Whenever my iMac has a problem with shutting down or starting up, I do a fsck and it fixes the problem. Here's how you do it:

    Press and hold 'apple-s' during startup. Do this right after you turn on the machine.

    If you do it correctly, a block of white text should appear on a black background. You can let go of the keys now. You have now entered 'single-user' mode. Once the text finishes rolling, type in "fsck -y", with the space and without the quotes.

    This process will take a while. When it's done, if it says 'The disk appears to be a OK', go ahead and type "reboot" and it'll restart. If it says 'FILE SYSTEM WAS MODIFIED", then type in "fsck -y" again and repeat this until it says the disk is OK.

    If that doesn't do it, try repairing permissions.

    Get the Jaguar boot CD and boot off it.

    Insert the CD and restart the machine. During startup press and hold 'C'. This will boot off the CD.

    Now, when it's done spinning the beachball, go to the File or Apple menu and select 'Open Disk Utility'. Now, click on the 'First Aid' tab, and select 'Repair Disk Permissions'. Once it's done, go the the File Menu and select Quit. Once it's back to the Installer, Quit again. Then select 'Restart'.

    Good luck.

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    I did it 3 times and it said file system modified all the times then I put in the Jaguar install CD 1 and held C but nothing happened as in it started as normal do I have to start from the CD to repair permissions?
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    Did you do "fsck -y" until it said the disk is OK? Make sure you do that. Seeing that you had to do it 3 times shows that your disk needed some tweaking...

    Put in the CD, THEN reboot, and keep holding C the whole time until it boots off the CD. You have to boot off the CD to do a proper repair of permissions.

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    So fsck -y could take a few times before it works? I will try again
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    Yeah, do it as many times as it takes until it says the disk is OK.

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    I did it about 10 times and it just kept doing the same thing the catalog check sayingfile count should be xxxx3 not xxxx7 (i cant remember the exact numbers) then the volume check saying that the file count should be xxxx7 not xxxx3. It seems that it is just going through that every time then saying the file system was modified so how do i correct that?
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    Boot off the CD and go to Disk Utility and instead of Repair Permissions select Repair Disk and see if that does anything. If not, I would recommend DiskWarrior.

    Or you could just keep on doing fsck... ;)

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    I still don't know why it wouldnt boot off the disk it still wont is it definately the install disk 1 of Jaguar?
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    Yeah the Install 1 disk of Jaguar... insert the disk, restart, as soon as you press the button hold down C.... that's all there is to it... I dunno what could be wrong...

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    Powerbook G5

    Does your PowerBook have more RAM? Typically with more RAM, it takes a bit longer for the system to check it before moving on with the rest of the boot process. I remember when I added 4x more RAM to my system I found it took considerably longer to go through that checkup at boot, but after that it was really nice and everything else was faster.
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    Yeah its maxed out but still G3 vs G4 and faster Mhz shouldnt be that much of a difference surely
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    When you first startup the system is doing a hardware test this includes RAM. If your iBook has more RAM then the iMac it will take longer for it do this initial test.

    As for your FSCK problem I would definitely use the install CD to do a repair and see if that fixes it.

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