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PowerBook SuperDrive

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by danny_boy, Aug 18, 2005.

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    I have just burnt my first DVD with my new PowerBook. Why is it I can only write a either 1x or 2x speed? When the disk I'm using are 1-8x speed? My SuperDrive I believe is 8x? It's really frustrating as DVD's take ages to burn at 2x speed. Any advice? I'm using finder to burn my DVD's?

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    It's down to the firmware not recognising the disk as 8x compatible. Either find upgraded firmware (difficult) or find a list of media that actually works at 8x.

    Apple seem to have tweeked the firmware to be over picky to give a better chance of a good burn.
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    I've used Imation media with no trouble burning at full speed. I've also used the Newegg branded media, also with no trouble. What program are you using to author DVDs?
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    I'm using Finder to burn my disks and Maxell disks. Only got 3 disks left to use so maybe it's time for some better ones? Any recommendations?

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    I like TDK. The DVD-R (8x) ones are great. I am going to buy some 16x DVD+R soon too :)
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    See this thread...

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