PowerBook takes a “Major League” hit

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    Link: PowerBook takes a “Major League” hit
    Description:: I’m the furthest thing you’ll find from a baseball fan, so the idea of being a photographer sent to cover all the “action” of a Pittsburgh Pirates game is scary enough, but check out the carnage that befalls this poor man’s PowerBook during an 8th inning foul ball.

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    RIP powerbook. Now he has an excuse to upgrade, and a really cool story to tell. :)
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    Although, the guy can sell it for more with the "This is the PowerBook that caught the ball" ad line...
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    I sure hope he's insured :)
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    i laughed.. thats probably bad karma huh?
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    If it is still working he should contact Apple to see if they would be willing to trade it for a loaded MacBookPro. I am sure Apple can find a way to market with it :cool:
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    I think what's worse are the comments from that link. Some of the posters are worse than fanboys, it saddens me really that people with such crap comments. Sure the guy is unlucky but to insult the poor guy in the way they do is just really juvenile.
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    What's worse than having a baseball smash your powerbook? Having TV cameras show you in your holey vest getting your powerbook smashed by a baseball.
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    Wow. Of all the odds. You can only hope it was his employers, not his. Of all the odds.
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    haha, was that a girl taking a pic of it with an iphone in the video?
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    Yep it was! :D
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    What sucks is his reaction. I would have laughed but hell, he didn't even move much!

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