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    If anyone is interested I am selling a Spire travel backpack it is brand new never used. This is the link to the product site:


    I bought this when I bought my powerbook and have never used it. It is all black and a good well made pack. I never used it because it wasnt big enough for the three months in Italy that I did. It is more of a 2-3 day trip business style pack. Check out the website and let me know. I want $80 plus s/h for it thats a good deal for a good pack. If no one here bites it will go on ebay starting @$80 but wanted to give yall first dibs.
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    Buy the way I will take checks money orders or paypal
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    looks like a cool pack...

    now your opinion...did it host your TiBook & it's extras well or were they a bit croweded inside??
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    After reading that you just got a powerbook I was going to PM you about this pack. Inside there is an inner case for laptops and it fits the powerbook like a glove it is kind of like a padded sleeve that fits in it own pouch in the pack. There is plenty of room for power adapters cables and the like, and also any slim style burners or harddrives. And then a ton of room for clothes and other things. It is not a carry your powerbook to school or work pack but more for the 1-3 day business trip where only want to take a carry-on.

    I am leaving town until the 30th right now so I will check in with this thread when I get back sorry if this puts it out of your time frame I would love to take advantage of any spending impulses you might be having right now;) But duty calls.

    Till next week.
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    he he he...no worries....I had a hell of a lot of fun on my spending impulses a couple weeks ago...new camera & PowerBook... ;)

    look me up when u return from your trip...if u can direct me to a specs webpage for your bag I'm interested...:D
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    I am back from my trip a spec comparison sheet is located here: http://www.spireusa.com/products/comparepacks.htm the pack I am selling is the Meta and this link gives a good idea of what the pack has and how it compares to thier other packs. My new job that I have takes me out of town a week at a time I will be leaving again Wednesday to Wednesday and as I am backpacking in the wilderness I have no internet check out the specs and let me know what you think
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