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PowerBook VS PowerMac?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by TheMonarch, Oct 4, 2005.

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    Funny tittle, no? But it is indeed my question... I just remembered that waaay back in '03, Apple released the PowerMac G5, at 1.6, 1.8, 2, and dual 2 or was it, 1.6, 1.8, dual 2... Ugh, whatever. Anyways, I want to focus on the 1.6... It hit me, my PB is 1.67... So my question is, has the PB caught up to the '03 powermacs yet? :confused:

    Who here has the PowerMac 1.6? Bench marks please?

    I know that there are many factors, but in terms of general CPU speed, is the PB faster or slower?

    This is out of pure curiosity.
    Thanks :)
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    Some things the Powermac is faster

    Other things the powerbook is faster

    Its the same exact thing as "Is the G4 really faster than the G5"
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    I would think they are relatively the same speed?
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    Browsing through the xbench results site, it looks like the old 1.6 G5 is still significantly faster than any current PowerBook. That sounds about right, considering everything about even the lowly 1.6 G5 is better: faster bus, faster RAM, faster SATA hard drive, 8x AGP.
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    I thought the G4 was waster than the G5 "Clock for clock" :confused:
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    Well I'm not sure where that originates from, but the xbench database seems to indicate otherwise. I don't know how any G4 could be faster than a G5 "clock for clock" considering everything about the PowerMac G5 is superior technology to any G4 ever built.
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    So why couldnt Apple make a low power PB with a 1.6 G5 in it? It'd be faster then the current 1.67 G4. Bah, I just want to see a totally new Powerbook design. I bought mine two years ago and they are virtually unchanged since.
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    This might originate in the keynote in which Jobs described the G4 processor and debunked the megahertz myth. This basically stated that the G4 has a small-pipeline and that is good for getting things done. Of course, this was said before the G5.

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