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powerbook w/ 23" apple display

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Rob587, Feb 7, 2005.

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    does anyone have a powerbooks(prefferably 12") that are plugged into 23" displays? post as many pics as you can. thanks
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    no one has any pics?
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    If I had an Apple display or an PowerBook, I would put up a pic, but I don't.

    You might want to look through the mac setup thread and see if you find any.
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    wow, I guess ppl dont like me on this forum. I know ppl out there have pics of 12" or 15" apple notebooks plugged into apple displays.
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    I have that set up. 12" Powerbook sitting on an iCurve next to a 23" Display. Also have the Altec Lansing FX speakers side by side, with wireless Apple keyboard and the Logitech MX1000.

    Currently spying a camera on ebay so if I can get it i'll take some snaps for you. It is pretty beautiful.

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    **(cough)** **(cough)**
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    got em

    Taken about 6 snaps, I'm just resizing and adjusting em in Photoshop, will post in a few minutes.
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    For anymore snaps, high-res or otherwise just let me know. Surely that is sufficient though :)

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    :D gracias amigo
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    You, sir, have a very nice setup!! :eek:
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    How do you get the monitor to be your main screen (dock, menu bar, etc.) and the powerbook screen to act as a second screen? Get what I'm sayin?
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    You can set which monitor you want to have as the "main" one via System Prefrences. Very easy to do. But I'm not sure if you could have the laptop screen NOT as the main screen (so that the smaller laptop screen will be the secondary and the external the main). But either way it's all done via System Prefrences > Displays > Arragment.
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    I didn't think so either, but look at the pictures that are posted above . . .
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    Mike Teezie

    Apple bling bling everywhere! Very nice setup. I'm trying hard not to sell my 20" Display for a 23" AlDisplay, and these shots aren't helping.

    Quick question - where did you get that image on your big display? I would love to have it as my desktop.
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    Just figured it out. You have to drag the white menu bar from one moitor to the other in that menu you just referenced. Pretty nifty little trick
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    Yea I guess it is possible to do that with a laptop as well: have the laptop screen be the secondary while a larger external screen is the main screen.
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    Sweet setup :D
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    Yes, envious... ;)
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    my setup

    The 23" acts as my main screen which I use for work related tasks, safari, entourage etc. And then Pbook screen is used for iTunes and Adium messages.

    I used to have konfabulator widgets on the pbook but then I just stopped using it. Half the time I don't really use the PBook screen except with iTunes. I also realised just yesterday that my iCurve has been the wrong way up! (Have since swapped it round only to find it much better!).

    Sadly though it's all going up for sale in about 3 months on ebay so I can get a G5 Imac and some cash in the back pocket!

    Oh and yes in System Preferences -> Displays - You can pretty much alter anything you want, having the dock where you like, the placing of the Pbook (you can even have the scrolling occur beneath the 23" display and arrive at the top of the powerbook! As well as switching the toolbar across the top to the pbook screen.

    In case you're wondering where my dock is I just set it to automatically hide.

    And the background for my display was found in the February desktops, but I'll post it as an attachment.


    *Wishes he could find a gorgeous, wireless two button mouse and white mousemat :S*
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    Nice set up VespR.

    But why are you selling your 12" PB away? Is it Rev C? You have a perfect set up to work at home and to carry it with you.

    Or are you waiting for the G5 PB?
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    Yeah it's Rev C, but to cut a long story short I'm a student, so the pbook was essential for moving around with my work etc. The display was only purchased coz I got it on a 10month interest free deal with Apple.

    But when I graduate in June I'm moving into my own place with the missus so I'll need as much cash as possible and will probably sell the lot and just get a 17" iMac, where I won't be moving around at all.
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    Yes a bit but would rather like a PM G5 :rolleyes:
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    VespR, do you run any video editing software (such as final cut, etc.) If so, how does that perform on your 12"pb.
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    Mike Teezie


    I'll take that 23" Display off your hands in June, if you want to get rid of it.

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