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Powerbooks at Siggraph?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by AHDuke99, Jul 23, 2003.

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    This even it on July 27-31. A source close to Steve Wozniak, told a friends mother, who is close friends with his wife, said that they ( the 15" Alubooks) would be here within the next 2 weeks. Don't question this. So Siggraph will be a good place. Paris will probably be the place for upgrading the iMac, emac, possible the iBooks. Also, the Europe Music store, and Panther release. I don't see Apple waiting another 2 months with people running out of 15" PB's and students going back to school.
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    sorry but Ive given up ALL hope on waiting for new powerbooks before school but no way do I want a windows notebook(even tho the specs of them are VERY tempting). Once I get home, this comming monday, Im going to be getting a 17inch powerbook. Ive been on vacation all month and there are no apple stores around here but back home, boston, there is one very very close to where I live.
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    I would wait until Siggraph next week, they might show up then.I am waiting and will use my old Tibook until they come out, even for school. Within the next 2 weeks if nothin shows then go ahead and buy the 17".
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    i will put my faith in this rumor as a last stand

    im so tired of ti books being the same... since you say trust the sources... i guess i will but only because im putting my energy in believing one last powerbook rumor... anyway if they dont show in two weeks im giving up on them.
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    Re: i will put my faith in this rumor as a last stand

    Unless she's wrong, which isn't likely, I will wait 2 more weeks myself. I doubt Paris, to far off.
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    paris is too late. they need to update everything in august. some people even go back to school in august, so they are already losing money from the back to school market.
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    Mr. Anderson

    The rumor track on this is a little sketchy - its only peoples hopes that its true and the fact that we've been waiting for so long on this that anyone is even willing to believe it.

    You really have to wonder why things have take so long to get the 15" out the door.

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    I was a little sceptical, but I trust my friend on this. So when two weeks is up and there still is no new Powerbooks then i will be disapointed. But until then I'll wait. I hope its next week at Siggraph. With Japanese and Candian retailers running out of Tibooks, I don't think Apple will wait until Paris. If they did then its a bad bad move on their part.
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    My hypothesis is that any significant update would have required a new chipset, sacrificing OS 9 compatibility. I can imagine that they wanted to keep OS 9 compatibility on one PowerBook for a while longer.

    But why they don't just step out and say so is beyond me. It would have stopped a lot of rumors.
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    seems like an odd place to announce the 15" update, but then again who knows. I'm gunna continue to wait, cause at this point that's what i do best :D Been waiting since the beginning of this year basically, now we're almost 8months into it, and i'm still waiting.

    CHEERS to waiting!
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    There's really no reason why they have to wait for any type of convention or anything like that to make the announcement. They often times just update a product and announce it on their website. But honestly, I'm not all that surprised that they're waiting to update the PowerBook's. I mean, think about it, their front page would have to change, and then it wouldn't be showing the G5, it'd have to show the new PowerBook line...unless they just took a picture of them together...
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    Siggraph??? What does that have to do with a hardware release?
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    Late Sept. That's when the rebates end, and there are several shows in Sept. That's when they're coming. Apple will release them as soon as they can.

    This isn't a conspiricy to thwart students and make them go buy Dells.
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    The Truth About the PowerBook Updates

    I have it on good authority that the 15" PowerBook was updated three months ago to a new model with exactly the same appearance, specifications and pricing. I can't give you the name of my source and even if I could, he doesn't have a telephone so you can't call him to verify the information. Also, he lives very far away so you can't visit to ask him. But trust me on this. But if that's not proof enough, it's easy to see what's going on if you just open your eyes.

    The 15" PowerBook model is commonly referred to the TiBook, and how many letters are in "TiBook"?

    That's right, 6.

    Now, if you assign a numerical value to each letter in the alphabet, e.g. "A" is 1, "B" is 2, and so forth, you get the sequence 20, 9, 2, 15, 15, 11 for each of the six letters in "TiBook". Add those six numbers together to get, yes, 72. Now add these two digits (7 and 2) together to get 9, then flip that upside down to get...

    That's right, 6. Again.

    Question my source if you like, but the numbers don't lie.
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    Re: The Truth About the PowerBook Updates

    Lyle, I'm sorry, but I don't believe you :-!
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    Re: Powerbooks at Siggraph?

    OK, I won't question that the statement was made, but (a) Steve Wozniak hasn't worked for Apple for years, and (b) the pronoun antecedents are all messed up here. Who's friends with whom? It's hard to follow. And why should we think that any of these people know anything that we don't know? Maybe he reads MacWhispers.
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    Re: Re: The Truth About the PowerBook Updates

    No, he's right; "TiBook" has 6 letters.
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    Re: Powerbooks at Siggraph?

    It's like the Tower of Babel....

    Lots of talkin and just not a whole lot is understood.
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    Re: Re: Powerbooks at Siggraph?

    Maybe he is MacWhispers' admin.

    Aren't we at the point now where anyone can say within X number of Days/Weeks/Months/Years Apple will update the PB's. I mean come on we all know it is coming but this sounds a lot like this Tuesday ohhh ok it must be next Tuesday...

    Just a thought.
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    How About a Pool?

    We could take every date between now and the end of the year, excluding weekends, and start a pool. Say $5 per date. Those that pick the actual date (announcement or delivery?) split the pool.
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    Capt Underpants

    I have begun to disregard every rumor about the new powerbooks. It just gets depressing because time after time sites say they are coming, and they are not. But then again, I do hope they get updated soon so I can go play with one at CompUSA.
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    argh i know how you feel, only i was waiting for new iPods. annoying times when they said tuesday, and it turned out that they weren't really coming untill may.
    just be patient like i was and you'll get through it:p
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    Newest PB rumor!

    there are no new powerbooks coming. ever. not this tuesday. not next tuesday. and certainly not the tuesday that wozniak's wife's dog's hairdresser's sister promises. never.

    you heard it here first.

    off to find more alcohol...
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    Re: How About a Pool?

    let us do it. i'll throw in $5
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    Yeah, lets start a poll... Steve Jobs can get in on it and make himself a little spending money :)

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