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Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by JarredBull, May 28, 2001.

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    I was wondering how likley it is that we might be seeing a faster PowerBook G4 in the next 2 to 4 months?
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    They might at NY. If they do, they will probably put a Combo drive in the high end (500MGHZ), CD-RW in the new middle end (450MHZ), and a DVD-ROM in the low end (400MHZ). they might upgrade the graphics card too, but I doubt it. the portable Radeon or Gforce 2 take wayy to much power (it would be nice, though). other than the optical drive and maybe a graphics card upgrade, they will probably not do too much else to it.
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    What we can expect...

    Ti G4 Rev.B
    - an Nvidia GeForce 2Go or Radeon (16MB), because people really want it.
    - sightly higher speed, 450Mhz in the cheaper and 550Mhz in the highend model
    - standard 256MB Ram because 128MB is definitively to less (I hope they have realized it now)
    - more solid case (a little bit more thicker PB wouldn't be to bad... 1.2 inches, maybe)
    - standard combo-drive (nice gadget... but do we really need it?)
    - standard 20GB Harddisk would be nice

    That's my opinion, what's yours?
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    I agree, but for the grafx card there is another option - the ATI Radeon Mobility which consumes far less power than the GeForce Go.
    Another thing we might see is a screen with a higher resolution (there are PC notebooks out there with a 1600x1200 screen!). This would be perfect for OS X.
    A CD-RW is the least they will offer, maybe the combo drive is standard (at least for the larger model).
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    Keeping Apple's current trend of longer running 'books, they would probably stick in the ATI Radeon for two reasons:
    1. Apple's long running relationship with ATI
    2. Lower power consumption
    I don't think they'll do anything with the screen because it would make the PB too big, but I do agree that the increased pixels would make os X look really great. I don't think that they would make the case any thicker, because one of the main reasons for making the TiBook that wide, but thin, was so that apple could laugh in the VAIO's face saying "look, I'm .15 inches thinner than you, have a faster processor, a dvd-rom drive, a HUGE screen, and a big hard drive, and you ain't got crap!" If you watched Steve's keynote when he introduced the TiBook, he kept referring to how much thinner the new PB was than the VAIO, and doing many feature compairsons. So, in short, if they did beef up the case, it would then make it THICKER than the VAIO, deafeating the whole purpose of making it that thin in the first place, and making Steve look like a really stupid guy for bragging about his new 'books features, and then a few months later, make it thicker than the one he was comparing it to. just a thought :)
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    Sounds reasonable.
    Also making the TiBook thicker would require a new case and new electronic guts (they would have to be re-engineered to fit the thicker case). I don't think Apple would do that. What could happen is that Apple increases the thickness of the titanium shell in order to add stability to it.

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