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PowerLogix 7455

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by arn, Jun 12, 2002.

  1. arn
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    PowerLogix announced upgrade cards for the PowerMac G4's to speeds from 750 Mhz to 1 Ghz. These new upgrades utilize the new "Apollo" G4s.

    These cards will be available in July and August, and provide upgrade paths to the most recent 2002 Quicksilver's.
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    Mr. Anderson

    A dual 750 for my 450 would be nice, but there is nothing in this about duals. Anyone know if they plan on providing Dual upgrades?
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    Nice speed boost. The thought of a 1 Ghz Cube amuses me... wonder how well a machine like that would handle a heat increase from a faster CPU.
    Apple hardware still too expensive? How about a raffle ticket?
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    so ..... exit G4 1Ghz for Apple?

    Powerlogic upgrade cards at 1 Ghz..... in july/august

    Hmmmm .... sounds like Apple is going to jump easily over the 1 Ghz barrier ???

    Is there hope for a G5 now?
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    Quit worrying about the G5. It will come when it comes.

    Now having a G4 400 and the opportunity to upgrade my CPU. That means Apple has to put out some serious machine for me to want to buy a new box as opposed to upgrading.

    Guess july will tell. :)
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    Incredible, I can make beter deals here in Venezuela.

    I had my G4 400, the guy at the store gave me a Dual 500, took the price off of the 400 and all I have to pay now (with credit btw) is $275 difference!

    My new dual is Apple made, that means that I won't have problem with OSX reconizing the hardware.
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    Looks like the writing is on the wall folks.... In my eyes this pretty much seals the deal that Apple has something in the wings to REALLY impress at MWNY. Otherwise they'd never let this happen.

    You gotta know Apple has a fair bit of say as to what PowerLogix can and can't do (in as far as getting CPU's from mot and/or support chips etc). I mean lets face it does anyone really think it took PowerLogix this long to come up with an upgrade path for G4 owners? I sure don't. Something else... Something political... was keeping them from doing it.

    Well now it seems that political blockade has been removed and I highly doubt that the date at which the blockade is being been removed is a coincidence. More proof that the issues PowerLogix was having were 'political' and not 'technological' in nature.

    Either way it's good news for the home team! (aka US!)

    I've owned quite a few desktop Mac's from a Mac Plus to a Mac IIci to an 8500 to my current G4/450AGP with gobs of memory. As you can see I've never purchased the same CPU family twice and just can't seem to bring myself to do it now. I have a feeling many others feel the exact same way. I also think Apple knows this all too well.

    Do I think we'll see the G5 this July? I dunno but if not I'm happy to see I now have a choice to use CPU upgrades to tide me over till it does ship. The fact that these CPU upgrades are finally gonna ship sure gives the 'pro-G5 @ MW' crowd a big shot in the arm.

    Exciting times ahead...

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    Be VERY cautious when dealing with this company. I have had to return defective cards and will never buy a PowerLogix product again. Customer service was rude and never fullfilled their promises. Stick with Sonnet or wait for Newer.

    I'm out $$$ that I'll never see again. Live and learn.
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    By the sounds of it, guys, Sonnet will have upgrade cards out shortly.

    The installation of the product sounds easy, and it appears as though PowerLogix has done little or no work to get these upgrade cards rolling.

    Sonnet should be able to do the same.
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    heat in a cube

    Does anyone know how the heat on the G4 1GHZ would effect a cube? I am looking at one right now that my buddy is selling, and this would be a nice upgrade path, but, would the heat be an issue? How much heat does the 1Ghz put off compared to the 500 MHZ? Anyone know?
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    I've always been a Sonnett fan myself...but this is still nice...

    I wonder if I can conjur my boss to give me a "boost" in performance?
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    You know, those cube's didn't sell all that well when they first came out, but if I could upgrade one to a 1ghz apollo (which is supposed to be low heat right?), I'd pick one up off ebay in a new york minute.

    Suddenly, one of my biggest beefs with Apple (as a former Apple basher), namely that Apple's couldn't be upgraded for sh*t, has gone out the window.

    Pinch me or something...
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    Pinch. he.he. I am really thinking about getting this cube that my friend has. It has less than 20 hours of use. 1.5 gig, 60 gig HD, 32 MB radeon, and G4 500 with the CDRW built in. It also has a 17 inch Apple studio display all for 1500. yep, I am going to call him and tell him that I want it.
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    Upgrading the Cube to 1GHz might prove difficult, as it sounds like the only upgrade for PowerMacs with a 100MHz system bus will be a 750MHz chip.

    If you look at it like this:

    750 = 7.5 x 100
    1000 = 7.5 x 133

    So, Cube owners may only be able to push their Cubes to 750MHz, especially when one considers the writing style of the press release. The article seems shady on details, so I wouldn't expect a Cube upgrade beyond 750Mhz, at least for a while.
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    I just picked up a G4 400 off a friend who's moving to Chile. (He went out and got a new iPod and 800 TiBook, like the jerk he i... Oh, sorry.) Anyway, putting ina serious upgrade would be nice, since it has a ton of drive space and I want to use it for some video.

    One thing though, I love dearly my old Pismo Firebook, I've even taken the loving care to paint it in snazy camo style. Its still great for browsing and my script writting, and its the best portable DVD player of all time (S-Video output). That said, does anyone, anywhere know of a possible upgrade. I've been told there is a RAM imaging problem. I don't know what this means, but I'd love to put some power in the machine.
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    Aw, BTTM, you really shouldn't buy that just for 'lil ol me... *blush* thanks!!

    Just kidding... the cube is one cool looking machine, and with the boosted speed (if possible) will make it really nice.
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    Even if it doesn't it is the coolest Mac ever in my opinion. It has everything it will need to run 10.2 well, so I think that I am going to go for it.
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    Go here: http://www.sonnettech.com/product/encore_st.html and click the link at the bottom that says

    †Note: There is a compatibility issue with a part used in some of these machines; please read the online support page for more details.

    if you have a certain version of G4 dual cpu's will NOT work, no matter what you try.

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    Thanks for the heads up on that rugby. Well, I am going to do a little research and see if the cube could take the heat. I saw on the screen savers once that a guy had modified his cube to a dual 500. That was nuts.
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    Yes, but that is Sonnet. Will this be the same with PowerLogix?
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    Dude. My shao's gonna be so pimped out. And here I was, preparing to send my G4 400 off to PowerMax. Nevermind. A jump to 750 Mhz is exactly what I need right now. And for under $500? Let me at it.

    :cool: :D :cool: :D :cool: :D :)
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    I definitely wouldn't mind a power boost for my Cube, especially if it had an L3 cache...

    Wish I had the money to get one!
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    would a single 1ghz be faster than a dual 500mhz [bus =100] in programs that are multi-threaded well?
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    Yes. Definitely.

    I'm looking forward to people selling their old 667-800's on eBay.

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    About upgrading The Cube

    As a cube owner, I can tell you ALL ABOUT upgrading the cube. My 450 is a great little box, but I've looked into the dual 500s and found that the heat increase is within tolerable specs with a modified heatsink. It's at the high end, granted, but it will be fine. Here's the interesting part. The cube has a mounting bracket in its internal base for an 80mmx80mmx15mm fan, and there is a power lead for the fan on the logic board. It's n easy install compared to the CPU upgrade, which isn't that hard itself. Put the fan in with a Radeon and Dual 500s and you get an op temp of around 10 degrees C, which I think we'd all agree is GREAT. A 2000 rpm fan can't even be heard above the Radeon or GeForce3 fan, either. It's a great solution to the heat problem that Apple obviously expected to have to deal with one day.

    P.S.-I'm holding out for dual 800s. :D

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