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powermac dual2.7 for imac 24 inch hhmmmm

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by speakerwizard, Sep 7, 2006.

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    Hi peeps, thought id share some thoughts. i have a powermac dual 2.7ghz, indeed still a powerful machine by todays standards. boy did i want a mac pro as soon as they came out but they lacked one or two things (such as sli) that im sure rev 2 will have.

    But i never thought that after turning pro (3d animatio) that i would be tempted back to an imac, with the new 24 incher! good processor, graphics card upgrade, 3gb ram, all sounds quite good, until i heard the front side bus is 667mhz :eek: doesnt sound too great does it! so unless these processors are so much faster than the G5 (which i doubt) there probably isnt a benefit, other than it could be handy to have windows also installed as 3D is kinda dominated on windows (and linus to a degree)

    oh, i mention the mac pro but it is just too expensive for me at the moment.

    im sure there is a lot of people in my kind of boat, wanting to go intel but finding it hard because of software, (im sure cs2 will work fine on a mac pro under rosetta but ive heard Maya struggles) oh boy, maybe im just being impatient but damn, that imac is sweet.

    add your views or intel switching dilemmas, could be interesting!
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    just as a comparison to the 667mhz frontside bus on the core2duo imac, my G5 has 1.35ghz (if i remember right) per processor.
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    i'd take the money you'd spend on the imac and save it for a mac pro, which wouldn't be that much more assuming you'd go for the upgraded 7600, ram, etc. on the imac. probably only a couple hundred bucks.
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    To put this gently, the Merom is quite competitive with your dual G5 setup.

    The Front Side Bus only has a minor effect on the performance of Intels new offerings. You should rather be looking for the Instructions Per Cycle (IPC) of any given processor, which is much more meaningful.

    You cannot directly compare processor designs on its features such as clock speed, front side bus, cache, memory controller etc.
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    Not quite true...
    The front side bus speed does affect how much date the processor can move around. Now if what you are doing doesn't go past the bus speed of the processor in question, then it can be ignored.

    Also, you need to look at the bus width in addition to the speed. If the bus is twice as wide but half the speed of another, they'll both be able to move about the same amount of data per second.

    And the memory controller plays into this as well. But you need to look at the specs for each memory controller.

    However, you are correct that absolute numbers don't necessarily mean much since they don't tell the full story. Saying a bus can move X amount of data per second means more than the spped is Y GHz, however, you still need to know what the processor can do with all that data in that a second.
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    yeah.. can't wait for Barefeats to compare:

    - iMac Core 2 Duo
    - iMac Core Duo
    - Power Mac G5 Dual Core.

    Apps like:
    QuickTime encoding (iPod H.264)
    Quake 4
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    Spanky Deluxe

    In native apps a 2.13Ghz CD2 probably performs roughly on a par with your G5. If I remember correctly, the 2.7Ghz Dual G5 is actually the fastest Mac available for Photoshop because Photoshop is only optimised for two processors (at the moment). IGary will know for sure though.
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    If the Power Mac Dual 2.7 would have had the 7800 GT grfx card, it would beat the Quad G5 in Doom 3 too.

    That's why I am very anxious to find out how well the new iMacs perform in the known UB territory.


    iMac 24", 2.33 GHz, nVidia 7600 GT, 2 GB RAM vs. Power Mac G5, Dual 2.3 GHz, nVidia 7800 GT, 2 GB RAM.
    Maybe throw in a Power Mac G5 Dual 2.7 GHz, nVidia 6800 Ultra, 2 GB RAM.
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    Yeah, i cant wait for bare feats to test the imacs too, oh and i do realise comparing different cpus mhz for mhz isnt really a smart way to compare but from the bare feats testing of quad intel to quad G5 they seem almost the same mhz for mhz, so it seems IBM were ahead of the game after all the debating at the time!

    another reason im tempted by the imac is i have my powermac set up as media center to (i work out of my bedroom) i have a hacked front row, keyspan and alchemy tv, and dual 19" formac displays (a pretty sweet settup if i do say) but that 24" and the eyetv2 with this...
    gets me hot under the collar
    i wanna get good resale on my G5 while i still can, oh heck, i just wanna play around with an intel mac and dual booting and i know it lol

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