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Powermac G4 Dual 1.42 vs. Powerbook 17" 1.67

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by gusanitoverde, Nov 18, 2005.

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    I switched to Mac 3 years ago and bougth a Powermac G4 Dual processor 1.42, I started doing movie editing, music arrangement and graphics. This Powermac is a workhorse! However, a month after I bought the machine, the G5 debuted and I kept the perspective that soon my machine would be obsolete. I noticed that as soon as the first G5 came out, the dual 1.42 dissapeared from Apple, they were rather selling dual 1.2 processors. So I thought, I won't worry, my machine is powerful enough.

    Recently I bought a Powerbook 17" inches, Processor of 1.67 Ghz, airport extreme card included, and also a month after I bought my screaming Powerbook, the new revision of Powerbook came out, so I am left with an older model again. Well, since the powerbook was "internet ready" I decided to make my house wireless. Then I needed to buy an airport express and an airport card for my G4.

    As I asked the Apple guys in the store, I was surprised that they told me that Apple does not produce airport extreme cards for G4's, that I should rather go to a third party store and try to get one.

    Then I am really in a debate.

    Please if anyone could advice me: Should I sell my Powermac G4 while I can, or it will be a machine worth keeping at least for my children to use? I mean, my machine works flawlessly and I have the laest OS and iLife.

    Then, let's say that I sell my Powermac. I work on this machine a lot as I described first. Will my Powerbook be able to match the performance of my G4 Dual?

    I asked the Apple guys and one said that the Powerbook 1.67 was no match for a Dual 1.42, and another one said that the Powerbook will perform better since the bus speed, ram and processing power is used more efficiently in the new Powerbooks.

    Anyone could tell me the truth on this matter to affirm my decision? Thanks!
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    Personally, I would hold on to it. You say it works flawlessly so why part with it? It won't be worth much anyways.

    If you're going to continue editing, I would definitely stay with the tower. I would never edit long-term on a notebook; not as many options such as Firewire, RAID storage, I/O boxes, etc.

    As for going wireless, why not keep your desktop wired and your notebook wireless. Just get a wireless router and run an ethernet cable to your tower. Unless you plan to move your tower around alot? ;)
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    Dual 1.42 will be faster in almost everything than any PowerBook out there now. Those 1.42s are GREAT computers!
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    I never thought the 1.42 was such a great machine.

    I guess it sould be worth upgrading it.:)
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    If you decide to make your Powermac G4 wireless as well, you could always buy a USB Wi-fi dongle. I know Belkin and some other companies make them.

    I'm sure your Dual 1.42ghz isnt obsolete, as Apple only has a single 1.42ghz processor in the high end mac mini!
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    That dual G4 is still a strong machine and plenty fast enough to run Tiger and most current applications, so I'd keep it unless you want to sell it to upgrade to a dual core G5.

    It will still serve your family well for quite some time and if the kids do
    manage to destroy it, you won't feel too terrible.

    Check with OWC for that AP card.

    Father of 3 (daughters)
    4th VCR, 2nd DVD player.
    They still use my Beige G3 300 MHz without any problems.
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    an easy decision....imo

    >>As someone who owns a revD 17" Powerbook...there is no debate needed here...the Dual 1.42 PowerMac is a FAR more powerful machine than any of the Apple Powerbooks. Hold on to your dualie Powermac until revB Intel Powermacs or Powerbooks(Merom based) come out.

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    Ok, that is even more interesting... help me on this predicament...

    I want to buy an airport express to share my internet signal to my two machines, also I'd love to have airtunes to have music all over my apartment.

    My G4 is connected to the modem via ethernet cable. I don't mind using my G4 with a cable. But the airport express does not have an output for a ethernet output to my G4, therefore, I need the card. Now, if I use the USB device you said, would I be able to set up security and password for the network even though this is not a Apple branded device?
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    Keep it it's still a decent machine. And can be upgraded to dual 1.8ghz G4 which would make in competitive with the older low end powermac G5's.
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    The person at the Apple store is mistaken. Most of the PowerMac G4's took the older AirPort card. The Dual 1.42 FW800 Model takes an AirPort Extreme card. A way to double check is if your computer has a FW800 port on the back in addition to the FW400 ports, your machine takes the AirPort Extreme card.

    Part number is M8881LL/A. US List is $79. There are often refurbished ones for $69 in the US Apple Store.
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    They dont make G4 Aiport Extreme card?

    Or just not for the G4 PM

    (that does run on Extreme AirPort Card or just Airport Card)
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    They no longer make the old AirPort card, they still make the AirPort Extreme card. (At least for now.)

    If a machine takes an AirPort extreme card, they all take the same model.

    Some current (& recent) Macs take a combo card - both AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth on the same module - this is of course a different card.
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    You guys are awesome

    Thanks for your advice. I am keeping my G4!!!:D :D :D Now this is an educated decision!
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    An educated decison indeed! I have changed computer WAY to many times in the last few years. I am going to ride this dual 1.8 for a long time!

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