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Powermac G4 Giving one Beep after new ram is installed.

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by gibbo132, Feb 1, 2010.

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    I have just put some brand new ram in my Powermac G4 Sawtooth, and it is giving one beep when i press the power button I have read that one beep indicates that there is no ram installed two beeps mean that there is the wrong type of ram installed.
    I have checked all the ram sticks and they seem to be in fine?


    That is the ram i bought for it, is it the wrong type. I know its PC133 but that is backwards compatible with PC100.

    Thanks Chris
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    Is it on Kingston chips and sticks are "no name"?
    If so, will not work.
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    It used to have Kingston chips in and I took them all out and replaced them with 3x 256mb sticks. i don't get why it only gives me 1 beep though surely if the ram was the wrong type it would give me two?
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    Single beep means that RAM is not detected at all.
    Check with only one stick at once. I bet it will be that same.
    With "Kingston" i mean not entire stick but chips brand (written on single chip).
    I had brand new "no name" sticks with Kingston branded chips incompatible with Quicksilvers and Sawtooths. In your case it may be similar.
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    The chips look like they are no name as well. :( I sent ebuyer an email to try and get this resolved. It really is very confusing.
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    Now I may be WAY off here but are they the right density?
    I think you need low density, if you use high density they will not work.

    I seem to remember having a similar issue with an old iMac
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    Should have read the reviews first.... I only did find 1 out of 100 or so that was installed in a Mac.

    Typically "generic" memory is high-density and more than likely won't work. As so in this case.... Have you checked out ebay for higher-quality name-brand memory?

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