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PowerMac G4 Not Chiming or Booting

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Zagreus, Oct 8, 2009.

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    Have searched MacRumours and am unable to find a solution to my problem, so here goes: I've recently bought a "faulty" PowerMac G4, which would not boot, however all the parts inside were sold as working. When I try to boot the G4 the light on the front flashes and the fans begin to spin but there is no characteristic Apple "bong" and nothing appears on the screen. I know the screen's working because I use the same one with one of my Windows PC's. I've tried pressing the CUDA button and reseating the PRAM battery but to no avail. Does anyone know what my next step should be?
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    Care to tell us which model Powermac G4 you have and what the specs are? Makes it a little easier to diagnose when we know more about the system itself.
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    Sorry about that, it's the 2002 Quicksilver Model, 933Mhz version, 128mb RAM, 80GB HDD, Model Number: M8493.

    Hope that helps
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    Try removing and re-seating the processor module. Unfortunately this sounds like either the processor or logicboard is fried.
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    Are there any guides as to how to reseat the processor or can you describe the process?
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    There should be 2 metal spring clips that hold the heat sink on. Take those off(needle nose pliers works great) and then there will be three(3?) phillips screws holding the processor daughter card in place. Take that off and reseat it. Clean any thermal paste and apply new(just a little bit, less is better :)) to the processor(s).

    It's also good to try and reseat the graphics card and all the memory because if either of those are seated in slots correctly, it will fail to boot.
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    I have reseated the processor but now the PowerMac won't even power up, when you press the power button there is no noise from the fans. Is this is a duff processor job?

    EDIT: Sorry false alarm I'd unwittingly fasted in some of the screws too high off the board, so the pins wern't making contact with the Logic Board itself, I've sorted that now and reseated the processor and the RAM, but still I've got nothing. Any ideas?
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    Based on the symptoms you're describing, the next move would be to replace the processor then replace the logic board. Sorry, but it sounds like the Powermac is toast.

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