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PowerMac G4 PCI (Yikes!) RAM compatibility

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by sm8000, Jan 11, 2006.

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    I recently acquired a 512MB DIMM of PC-100 RAM and put it in a Yikes! G4. I got it to boot up once, then afterwards it would turn on but not boot.

    Before: 256+128+128+128
    After: 256+512+128+128

    (where the first (256) is the innermost slot, furthest from the top edge of the case door)

    In the "After" configuration, the OS only reported half (256) of that DIMM. I tried it in other slots, with and without some modules, but it would only turn on, not boot.

    The DIMM has Samsung chips, k4s560832d-tc75. Google seems to think of this as registered RAM, yet this DIMM (I'm told) was running fine in an iMac 500MHz for several months.

    Am I out of luck?
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    Quite simply, the memory controller of a Yikes cannot count up to 512 on a single module. You can't use the 512 Mb stick.
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    Thanks, I'm going to trade this out for a pair of 256s.
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    Anyone know if this G4 will accept PC-100 ECC RAM? I have an offer to trade but I don't know if the board will cope with it. I also don't know whether the RAM is registered, or it the board will cope with that.

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