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Powermac G4 QS won't boot with SIL3112 SATA card installed

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by max¥¥, Sep 4, 2012.

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    Hey, i just got a SiL 3112 sata card for my 2001 QS G4, when i first put the card in my g4 (with the pc fw on it) it wouldn't boot, i assumed this was because of the pc firmware. So i put it in my sawtooth and flashed it with the WiebeTech firmware and put it bac in the QS and it still won't boot (i get a chime but nothing on the screen and nothing being read from the IDE boot HDD)

    So dose anyone know why this is happening?
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    Try plugging your boot drive into it. My AS media cards in my retired hackintosh booted first therefore if the boot drive was not located on that card then it wouldn't boot.
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    hmm... well atm i don't a ppc bootable osx system on a sata drive, just tried it with a blank hdd attached which made no difference, but i guess i could borrow a usb->SATA adapter from my server and clone it over
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    This begs the question of why you need the SATA card in there then?
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    Because i will clone my boot drive to it, my plan was to install the card + drive then clone it when both drives are in the computer.
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    Shall I assume you installed the driver?

    That would be what FW is for..

    ****Edit**** You flashed it, 3112 is not Mac 3132 is..Try that driver
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    How can i install a driver on something that won't boot? it's not that i'm not seeing the drive it's that the G4 won't boot
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    Boot to the SATA FW drive that you going to attach to the card then download the driver run the installer attache the drive to the SATA card and move out.
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    The g4 isn't getting far enough into the boot to start loading osx. so it won't be able to load the driver
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    Take the drive you were going to attach to the card and put it in a FW enclosure at the same time remove problem SATA card. CCC or Super Duper you existing drive to said SATA drive in said enclosure. Boot from the FW enclosure by holding option when you boot and selecting the FW drive. Down load driver and install. Shut down, take SATA drive from enclosure attach to the freshly reinstalled card. Boot.

    If it's craptastic like I think it's going to be proceed to stomp on card.

    Once you've crushed the card go here: http://www.amazon.com/Syba-Crest-Co...UTF8&qid=1346786451&sr=8-10&keywords=sil++pci

    Spend $40 and get something that works.
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    Well, the problem there is i have no sata drive enclosures (well, i do but there all in use atm) Guess i could try the drive out my g5
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    Does Sawtooth boot with the card after flash?
    If so, what ASP says? Does it recognize the card?
    You can try to boot QS in safe mode (if it would want to), install driver and reboot.
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    I haven't tried booting the sawtooth with it, but oddly when i booted from the 10.4.6 dvd with a blank drive attached it wouldn't see it (but i put that down to a lack of drivers)

    I didn't look in asp but i assume it should show up as the sawtooth saw it to flash it.

    I wouldn't think safe mode will do anything, i should probably be more clear on the problem, as far as i am aware it never tries to boot a os, i get a chime and then nothing else. nothing drawn to the screen and no disk activity

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