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PowerMac G4 Sawtooth no video

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by TheReef, May 20, 2008.

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    Hi all,
    I have an older PowerMac G4 (Sawtooth), with an old rage128 card.
    I can't get it to display video to any screen I connect to it, whether it be VGA or DVI.

    I can however access it via screensharing in Leopard (there are no graphical glitches)
    The monitor will simply go to sleep when connected and powered on.

    Any ideas?
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    I don't know what screenshare is, but I assume it means you somehow get to see the desktop without using your video card?

    Sounds like it's fried. Not a big deal, just order a new video card.. you have several options.

    One, ebay another old Rage 128. I wouldn't really advise that. Two, ebay a Radeon 7000 or 9200 PCI. Not an awful idea, that way you get Quartz Extreme if you use PCI Extreme. Though, you lose the bandwidth of your AGP 2x.

    You could also try ebaying a Radeon 7500 or 8500 AGP, or 9600.

    Or, you could buy a 7000 for the PC for cheap and flash it, though it would still be PCI. Or flash a 9600 AGP. Don't know if you have a PC with PCI/AGP slot(s) to do that. If not, forget it.

    Lastly, you could buy, from OWC, a Radeon 9200 PCI (about $130), Radeon 9600 AGP (about $180) or Radeon 9800 ($210). For only $30 more, the 9800 is a much better deal (though they're both priced obscenely high for five year old graphics cards).

    Anyway, bottom line is

    Ebay Mac PCI/AGP
    Ebay PC and flash PCI/AGP
    Buy PCI/AGP from OWC

    You'll notice a real improvement in minimize effects like the genie effect and even dragging windows if you get a new card, especially an AGP card. While you're at it, you'll have from four to 16 times the VRAM you started with.

    Hope that helps =]
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    Hey, thankyou for your reply :)
    I guess that is what I'll have to end up doing if I can't get this working.
    I had a newer Radeon 9000 PRO but it died too :(

    Btw, screen sharing is a remote-desktop feature built into Leopard.

    Thanks :)
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    Out of curiosity I took the card out, and the computer booted with no graphics card…there you go.

    Anyway, when I have tried both my rage 128 and radeon 9000 PRO I noticed that there is no APG menu in Apple System Profiler! :eek:…should there be one even if no card is inserted?

    PCI shows up even if I have no cards connected.
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    It should be under the Graphics/Displays section...
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    Oh…that was Panther maybe

    Ok, so whatever card I put in I get no information available. Could that mean my APG bus is dead?

    I tried tightening the card and this appears:
    But still no display on screen.

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    It seams as though I have fixed it!
    And strangly using the Radeon 9000 PRO card I thought was dead :confused: :eek: :eek: Let's hope the green artifacts stay away this time. (why I originally went back to the rage 128)

    What I did was repeditively fiddle with the card, moving it around, moving the monitor connector around etc. and then all of a sudden was greeted with a pleasing monochrome Apple boot screen :D
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    Hmm. It could be you needed to reseat the AGP card. That can do it. I suppose you might also have some missing pins in your monitor cable. . . I'd say check, but maybe you don't want to test it ;)

    If it's artifacting, that could be due to memory being clocked to high, so downloading ATIcelerator II could help you there if that's the case (though I think green might actually indicate a failing monitor, or possibly even one of the DAC's color channels not firing if it's the whole screen).

    http://thomas.perrier.name/index.html (ATIcelerator II page)
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    Hi thanks for that link, I checked it out but my card was set to the stock values. Strangely it says my card has 32 Mb of RAM, when it should have 64 but it might have disabled the bad half. :eek:

    Once I got a green corrupted screen but restarted and has been good since.
    If it goes back to the corrupted green I'll probably just get a new tower and throw all my stuff in it :)
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    That's odd. I don't know of any cards that would be "smart" enough to know to disable "bad" RAM, which I don't think is very common anyway.

    Perhaps it's just being misidentified. You could try a few different applications to check whether or not it's actually only 32 MB.

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