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Powermac G4 Wireless Card

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by JG271, May 21, 2011.

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    Is there some kind of mac compatible PCI wireless card I can get for my old G4?

    I was thinking about an airport express as it has the added functionality, but if something a bit cheaper exists that might be preferable.

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    I can't answer on the PCI card but I have found one usb network adapter that worked. It also was a PITA to set up. In my opinion I would just get the airport card from eBay. That is eventually what I did anyway. It's just about the same price you would pay for anything else and you would know that it works right out of the box.
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    Get an Airport Express card off of eBay. They aren't expensive at all ($25) and they work great.
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    Note, however, that only the FW800 MDD machines take Airport Extreme cards. The other AGP G4 towers (every other G4 tower save the original 350/400MHz "Yikes" machines) only have a slot for the original Airport card. However, with OSX 10.3 or newer, the original Airport cards can handle WPA, so they're still useful. (no WPA2, though).

    To be clear, Airport Express is the $99 WAP that you can hook up to a stereo/printer; the wireless cards are the Airport Card and the Airport Extreme card.
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    Totally forgot about this thread. Thanks for the help guys, I'll go with the regular airport card for my MDD G4.

    At 25$ I would snap up an airport express!

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