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Powermac G5 2.7DP parts re-use: wich powermac as base?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Floris7, May 17, 2011.

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    Hello guys,

    I have a broken Powermac G5 2.7 DP, but it's broken. (this model is watercooled, i think the problem has something to do with it).

    Now, I would like to buy another powermac G5 and to build over some parts (like RAM, videocard (i have a cinema 30" display,...)

    What model should i buy?

    Is for example a 1.6Ghz single proc ok?

    thx in advance,
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    A 1.6 would be a very big step down for you. All of your current accessories would swap over, but I'd definitely suggest at least a dual 2.0, unless you're going for extreme value. What do you do with your computer?

    Also, what exactly is wrong with your 2.7?
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    Thx for your answer, can I also build over the RAM and the videocard?

    Nowdays, the machine is used for surfing and email,
    so not the big operations anymore.

    I can buy the 1.6Ghz for 100euro, a dual 2Ghz costs 300euro here...

    PS: can't find the problem with my dual 2.7; it seems one proc is broken...
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    Gotcha! The ram in your 2.7 is PC3200, and a 1.6 would accept PC2700. The faster ram will downclock itself, so it should still work in the older machine.

    If you were stateside I'd offer you my 2.0 in a trade for your broken 2.7, but shipping would absolutely ruin the deal :p.

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