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Powermac G5 as Home Theater Hub

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by tkidBOSTON, Oct 21, 2008.

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    So I've recently come into possession of a Powermac G5 Quad 2.5 (250GB HD, 4GB RAM) at a price I just couldn't turn down. My only problem now is trying to figure out how to use it as a media center.

    I was hoping to load all my media into the powermac and connect that to my TV. The powermac would then be able to share its contents to both my Intel Macbook and my G5 iMac and I'd be able to watch it in my livingroom directly to the TV.

    Question: What's the best "media center" app to use on a G5 connected to a TV?

    I was originally thinking of loading up boxee and using that but it's apparently only available to intel macs. Is there something similar that would work well on the computer described above?

    Also, I plan to connect the machine to the TV with a VGA to RCA cable and plan to purchase a 3rd party remote since I believe the apple remote will not work with the powermac. Does anyone have suggestions or alternatives to these thoughts?

    Thanks so much! :)
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    There is one that is like frontrow - kinda, but its payware


    I can't seem to find any others that work with a PPC Mac's. Failing that just use Front Row - it comes with Leopard so no special hacking like it did in 10.4.x, then get a 3rd party remote, or use an iPod Touch or an iPhone as a funky remote ;0)

    I think this is about the only solution for you

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    You can get front row enabler and buy a remote/IR reciever. I used to have front row running on my iMac G3 (..not very well i might add). Look at a torrent site for the download. Since front row is already installed on your mac, just disabled, you may as well use that.

    Edit: you'd need to make sure it runs at least 10.4 as this is when front row was introduced.
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    I plan on installing Leopard on the machine when I get it, so that shouldn't be a problem but I guess I'm confused as to whether I'm going to have to install an "enabler" or whether Front Row will just work, as you two seem to be saying two different things.

    I do have an iPhone, so I can use that as a remote but will that allow me to access all my media- including movies and photos- or just music? Further, will a third-party remote work seemlessly with Front Row?
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    You need to enable Front Row because it will check for the IR remote when it tries to launch. Check out this site for instructions on how to hack the plist.

    You can use the iPhone/iPod touch Remote app to access everything in your library.
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    So after looking into this- it doesn't really cover what I want.
    Basically- the reason I found Boxee so interesting (and perfect) is because I'm looking for a program that will allow me to access my music and movies stored on my computer as well as watch TV available online. I currently usually watch the Daily Show and the Office on my iMac for free from comedycentral.com and nbc.com and would love to do that with my new setup on my TV.

    I was really hoping to be able to do this without having to pull out a keyboard/ mouse to navitage to those sites. Boxee integrates Hulu now, which is perfect for me.

    Are there any applications out there with similar capabilities available for PPC Macs?
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    Maybe run Linux on your Mac and use the Linux version of Boxee? I'm not a Linux person, so I don't know if Boxee will only work on Intel-based computers or not.

    I don't know about your remote options, though. The iPhone or iPod touch Remote app is designed to work with iTunes. I'm sure there are IR remotes and dongles you can use for a PowerMac that will work with Boxee, but I don't know what they are.

    Someone else chime in here.

    EDIT: Just read that Boxee on Linux requires an Intel or AMD processor. Sorry. Maybe a keyboard and mouse setup, although not ideal, would be the best.
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    Thanks for looking into that for me spice weasel but I feel there have to be some PPC OSX solutions out there outside of just being able to use the limited Front Row & and the internet method.

    I'm kind of surprised there aren't more PPC home theater users here that have some suggestions. I guess naming the thread "PPC Mac as Home Theater Hub" might have garnered some more hits in this respect.
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    G5 Quad what?

    Ummmm, just curious, but isn't this system a bit too powerful to run as a Medai Center with.... connected by a RCA cable.... WOW!!

    That's like using a sledgehammer to tenderize a steak!

    The power-comsumption on this baby alone... that ought to be crime!

    I know yopu already bought the system tkidBOSTON, but do consider another use for this. No reason to run this behemoth to watch a ripped DVD.

    Just my 2 cents (now I'll shut up)
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    Well considering my gf's company was selling these below the current price of a Mac Mini, I had to pick it up. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to just turn it for a profit, so I'm going to use it for what I need it for...

    Unfortunately, I have all this hardware now and no software to do what I want...
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    Turn for Goodwill then.... I'll take it off your hands and write you a very nice thankyou letter :p
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    You no longer need the 'front row' enabler. This was for 10.4.x only. I have a G4 Mac mini in the living room hooked up to our TV with a DVI --> Svideo adapter and can use Front Row without any silly hacking as it is installed by default with Leopard. All you do is press the Apple key and Escape for a couple of seconds and it should open.

    You can get a remote which you can map the keys to do what the Apple Remote does from Griffin:

    Its called the AirClick USB. This is what I use in the living room


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    For anyone that might have been interested, I've devided to stop putting off my purchase of an HD LCD TV and sprung for one this weekend. I'm going to purchase an :apple:TV and install Boxee on it. I'm going to use the powermac to stream content to the :apple:TV and to share files among the numerous other machines at my place.

    So for any other G5 + CRT TV users, there just don't seem to be many options for you outside of frontrow.
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    even using telekinesis, i still can't figure out how to control front row with my iPhone..

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