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Powermac G5: Installing Airport Extreme

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by pianodude123, Dec 23, 2006.

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    I asked a Genius at the genius bar and he said that I will need to bring the computer in to the apple store in order for me to get wireless connectivity on my Powermac. I would like to hold out until wireless N to buy and install an Airport card in my Pmac, but if I already have a G card kicking around in a powerbook, is it possible to just take this card and pop it into my G5, or do I really have to bring it into apple for service??

    Also...are there any third party devices I can get that ploug into usb etc?
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    I'd buy and install an AirPort card now before you no longer can. There's no reason to believe that the 802.11n cards will support G5 systems (they might, they might not). The cards are user-installable if you're even remotely comfortable with opening the case. Just be sure you still have the external antenna that came with your PM.

    Otherwise, there are several external (USB) solutions, but those are less... aesthetic. Unless you use an AirPort Express as one (via ethernet, not USB), but that's awfully pricey.
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    Okay. So im assuming the genius lied to me?

    Also...There is no part other than the airport card that needs to be applied to the motherboard?
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    It's real easy to install one. You have done it in 2 minutes yourself!
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    Do you have the last rev Dual-core G5? You DO have to take it to the Apple Store for installation if that's the case. I have one and it's the same deal. Apparently, the slot is somewhere behind the processor and I'm not gonna even try to go there.
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    The genius didn't lie. On the newer G5s, the wireless package is only installable in store and it's not a regular airport card.
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    Nope...I have the dual processor unit. I saw the slot where it goes right when I popped open the case.
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    I had the same problem when I first got a mac so I just brought it to the store and they had it ready in about an hour. (Mind you NOT during holiday season.)

    They did it for free and it was quick and easy so I wouldn't tamper with it if you're unsure.

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