Powermac G5 SSD?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Themacmang4, Apr 2, 2013.

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    I have recently bought a SanDisk SSD 64gb for my Powermac G5 as the HDD noise was irritating, but I am having difficulties getting it to be recognised, or to even be able to boot. Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this issue?
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    Have you checked the jumpers are in the right position?

    I haven't had a G5, but i know they can be picky with certain SATA Speeds and some Drives, i'd check the drive in another machine as well just to check that the actual drive is working.
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    you made to re-format the ssd before installing your os right?
    what version of os x are you trying to get onto/working with the ssd?

    do you still have the package to the ssd? check to see if it is sata 3-6.0 gb/s or if it is sata 2-3.0gb/s

    some users were having issues in the imac g5s when using a sata 3 ssd as the sata bus couldnt handle it.
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    This SSD was brand new so it should be working. Also there are no jumpers. I cannot reformat it as the G5 is the only machine that I have that has SATA! I am trying to install 10.5.8 onto it


    Also, it is a sata 3 drive, but I have heard that they are backwards compatible?
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    Not everything that is SATA III can be backwards compatible to the Powermac G5. Best thing is to return it and get a SATA II SSD. Also try to connect it to the lower bay, sometimes teh connections are just picky.
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    I have tried the lower one, but that does not change anything. I do not want to return it though as I am planning to use the SSD in a computer that I am planning to build this summer and I would like to have a fast SSD for it.
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    The G5 sata controller can not agregate link bandwith between the SATA I bus and the SATA III bus.

    Get a SATA card.
    A SATA card would be MUCH faster, and allow for any hard drive.

    If the SSD has jumpers, then set them to SATA I or II mode.

    I learned this the hard way by trying three hard drives in my iMac G5, and then in the PowerMac G5. Once I got my SATA card all of the issues went away.
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    Just let him RTV his SATA III drive and replace it with a SATA II, cost less than getting a SATA III interface card which is bootable.

    I missed the OP's response.

    There is no other way but for you to spend more by getting a bootable SATA III interface card.
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    Why can I get an affordable sata controller from, as the only one I can find for the G5 is about £80, that is more than I paid for the G5 in total!
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    Look for ones with Silicon Image chips.
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    You can format the ssd with the osx install disk, go to utilities and go to disk utility there you can see all of the disks connected
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    So are you saying that if I format the SSD it would work with the G5?


    So would something like this work if I found the correct drivers for mac?

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    You cannot format the disk if you cannot mount it. If it is not seen under disk utility it means it was not mounted and cannot be recognized.


    There was a thread here describing the same topic about cheap bootable SATA interface cards with SiL chips. I am not sure but as far as I can remember it doesn't need any drivers at all. I might be wrong though.

    btw, what is your specific powermac?
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    I might be able to use a friends mac pro to format it, would that work? My specific powermac is the dual 2 GHz 7,3 with 5gb of ram.
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    It sure can be recognized on a mac pro. Partition it using APM or Apple Partition Map since the MP will partition it using GUID. GUID cannot be used as bootable drive on powermacs. But I doubt it can be recognized on the powermac once you put it back there.
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    Thanks i'll try that
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    It is sad but true ....
    you need sata 2 ssd

    and sata 2 ssd make difference to my g5 quad

    though it need to repaire permition regularly
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    I tried to format it, but that had no effect, still a grey screen on boot up. Is it just this specific SSD that will no work on a powermac or sata 3 drives in general? As I am looking into buying a hard drive instead that would sata 3.
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    It's SATA III drives in general, though I believe that some work.
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    You don't happen to have any idea of some that work? That would be of great help to me, thanks.
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    Sorry, I have no idea. Might take a read of this thread, and hope that other people with more experience with SATA IIIs in G5s show up.
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    SATA II is still your best bet.

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