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PowerMac G5 Temps

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Sipheren, Feb 9, 2010.

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    Yeah I know this has been asked a million times before, but my case is a little different and I just wanted to see what other people thought.

    My PowerMac doesn't over heat according to Hardware Monitor and the Apple Hardware Test reports no problems with the system.

    What I do notice is that the CPU A fans both spin at anything from 1200-3200rpm and the temp for CPU A is always around 48-50 where CPU B never seem to go any higher than 300rpm and the temp doesn't get much past 40.

    I have attached a screenshot of all the sensors, can anyone tell me if this is normal or should I be concerned?

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    No ideas....
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    Mac Pro Temps

    My second CPU also runs about 10 degrees cooler than CPU A so let's hope this is normal, when the machine's not under load the second CPU may not be doing much. But my core temps are always around 33. You might want to download SMC Fan Controller and use it to check temps and set fan speeds to get a better idea of what's going on. I used SMC to up the minimum fan speeds of my rear fan when I stuffed 16 GB RAM in.
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    Thanks, I hope its normal, that fan controller only works with Intel Macs, doesn't seem to be any for the PowerMacs.
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    G5 Temps

    Sorry I didn't look more closely at your siggy.... I have a G5 that is very similar to yours, DP 1.8, 4GB RAM, Nvidia 7900 video card. My CPU always ran 35 - 40 degrees, it seems to me yours is running a little too hot. If you start it up with the side panel off the fans should all kick into high speed, it's one way you can verify all the fans are running. Then shut down and use compressed air to blow out all the dust that may have accumulated. I never found a fan controller for the my G5 but Temperature Monitor gave me good readouts on all the temps.
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    I decided to run the Thermal Calibration last night, that seems to have helped a bit.

    When I first turn it on all fans spin up to full speed, so I know they are working.

    It is also fairly hot here in general, its sitting on 43, 35 now and it has never gone over 50 on either CPU so I am sure its not over heating.
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    I spent WAY too much time, and made a thread here for the exact same query.
    GIVE UP. It's supposed to be that way. Why, I don't know. Stop caring about your G5 and start saving for an upgrade.
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    I love my G5, does everything I need :)

    although I wouldn't say no to a MacPro :D

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