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PowerMAC no More

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by fin, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. fin
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    Hi, for those who sadly track the weekly state of the UK refurbished store on the Apple Site, you will have noticed today is the first time ever that a QUAD has been offered for >20% discount to new.

    in fact they are at 30% discount.

    The last products to have such a discount was the mac mini two weeks before the intel mini was announced!!

    Maybe the September dates are all a bluff and they have done the job already ready for the April 1st date.

    :) :) :) :)
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    powermac's have been on the refurb store for years - notice no iBooks no Mac Mini's for over a week now.

    xserve is a bargain at £7k :D
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    where does it say that? is it obvious and i'm missing it? It's the english store not the irish right?

    EDIT: my bad, the refurb store. liketom is right about them being there for a while.
  4. fin
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    ? where to find it....

    go to www.apple.com/uk site (not irish site)

    then click the refurb icon bottom right

    then check out discount of the QUAD's now on offer - 30% discount
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    Surely though, it is a return, or a repair and not because they are being discontinued??

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    They're offering it at the US online store for a 16% discount. Still not a bad price for anyone contemplating ordering the last revision of PPC Power Macs.
  7. fin
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    well call me crazy, many have, just pointing out what i look at every single week.... nothing else ever gets that level of discount if its got a short/long term future
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    Wow...30% at the UK Refurb store for a Quad. It's only 16% here at the Apple Refurb store in the US. I noticed today they put almost every PM G5 model that's been released on there as a refurb.
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    I've never seen a PowerMac on the Canadian refurb pages. :(

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