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Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by NNO-Stephen, Jan 3, 2006.

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    PENDING SALE GigaDesigns dual 1.42Ghz upgrade (sold from them as dual 1.8Ghz) complete in box, perfect working order, etc. etc. works up to dual 1.8Ghz w/o issue, i have the jumpers set to 1.73 though. well, dip switches actually... anyhow. Dual 7447A PowerPC G4 CPUs.

    price: 425 shipped

    Original Apple CPU/heatsink from my Quicksilver 2001 PowerMac. 867Mhz, 2MB L2 Cache, Motorola 745x processor.

    140 shipped (that heatsink ain't light).

    PENDING SALE ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB GPU. AGP 2x/4x. DVI + VGA + S-Video out. includes all "real" items included w/ it like cables and stuff. I'll include the original HSF as well if you want it. has an ATI Silencer installed on it for silent cooling. also I've stuck some mini RAM sinks on the VRAM chips they would fit on. works perfectly. has a bit of dust on the inside of the edges of the fan compartment but everything still works quite well. takes up adjacent PCI slot because of the cooler.

    Price: 170 shipped

    512MB PC133 SDRAM sticks. I have three of these. one is Viking and the other two are Infineon. all work just fine.

    price (shipped): 175 for all of 'em or 75 each.

    SOLD 3-port USB 2.0, 2-port FireWire 400 PCI card. no drivers required. works on OS X and I'm not sure about OS 9 but I believe it does there as well, but don't hold me to it. I really loved this sucker... so much expandability, so little space taken up... wouldn't be selling if the new PMs were PCI.

    Price: 20 shipped.

    SOLD Pioneer DVR-109 w/ firmware upgraded somewhat recently. DL DVD±R/RW. black drive). no front bezel, but I'll probably find it before it gets sold, but as of now, no front bezel will be included. works out of the box in Mac OS and is natively supported w/ all apps.

    price = 25 shipped.

    all hardware is in working order. all parts required for operation will be included. all items will be packed properly to ensure a safe journey to it's eventual second home. all sales final since I'm about to spend every last penny this ill give me but I promise it all works just fine. Blah blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda.
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    Will the video card abd CPU work in a cube? If so would you be interested in a nintendo ds with games, a 3.2MP Digi cam, a PAL gamecube with games+ cash, or a combination of those?
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    Pioneer DVR-109

    Very interested in the Pioneer DVR-109. Do you have any pics?
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    I don't have any pics, it's currently in the Quicksilver. the logic board died and so I'm selling off the parts cause I need to buy a new PowerMac (not worth it for the board) so I can unfortunately not take any trades.

    I suppose I could take some pics, but it wouldn't do any good as it's actually in the PowerMac right now.
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    i will ask my dad about the DVD burner, will it work in a powermac g4 450? i assume so since they are pretty much universal, but is that price shipped to canada by any chance?
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    Ok, if you find the bezel let me know and I will purchase it.

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    no, that's not shipped to canada. add five bucks to it for canadian shipping to cover the pain in the ass customs forms and additional cost and such.

    so it would be 30 shipped to Canadia (as I affectionately refer to it).

    and yes it'll work in a G4/450. it'll work in a B&W G3 and up (PowerMacs).
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    Will that Firewire 400/USB 2.0 PCI card work in a Dual Proc 2.3 G5 PowerMac with PCI-X slots?

    If so...I call dibs.

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    PM sent
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    optical drive is pending (now sold) to nykansukee.

    PCI card is still on the table as I am unsure of wether or not it is compatible w/ PCI-X.
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    Giga CPUs and ATI Radeon 9800 Pro are both pending.
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    hows 18 shipped for the usb/firewire pci card?

    if so...ill take it! (paypal is down that low :p )
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    PM sent.......
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    all I have left that isn't sold or pending sale is the RAM and the original Apple CPU.
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    Do you know if the originial processor works in a cube?
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    I doubt it.
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    price cut on the RAM, now is 50 bucks each shipped (to the contiguous 48 states, five bucks extra for international)
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    i might be interested, my dad isi considering giving his tower to my mom and then moving an emac down stairs to his studio, if that falls through and he wants more ram for his tower i will be pming u

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    sounds good, just let me know.
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    any word?
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    NEW ITEMS!!!!!!
    Apple AirPort card. Apple no longer makes these so get it now while there are still a few floating around.

    $120 shipped
    Sonnet Tempo SATA PCI card + cables
    Add two SATA ports to any PCI equipped Mac. I'll include two SATA cables and a splitter/adapter that you can plug a power supply into and will give you two SATA power connectors and a pass-through for the 4-pin connector. all of these accessories must be purchased separately if you buy this card new, but I will save you the trouble and include them w/ the card.

    $75 shipped

    512MB PC133 SDRAM sticks. I have two of these. Both are Infineon brand RAM and worked fine in my Quicksilver 2001.

    price (shipped):$50 each
    Original Apple CPU/heatsink from my Quicksilver 2001 PowerMac. 867Mhz, 2MB L3 Cache, Motorola 745x processor.

    125 bucks shipped

    NOTE: all prices include shipping to anywhere in the continental united states, please add 5 dollars for shipping to canada because it's a pain in the ass and costs more. All items are sold as-is, but they do work as I was using them till my logic board died and now I gotta sell it all to pay off my new iMac, but as-is because I cannot afford to refund anything that you are not happy with for some reason or another (second thoughts would be about the only thing I can think of).

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